PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report (PAW)

Each year - since 2011 - the charity called the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, (traditionally known as the PDSA), produces a report based on the results of a survey, as a first step towards “identifying, assessing, monitoring and improving the wellbeing of companion animals.”

This year’s PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report is available from here:

2017 PAW Report

…It’s been a while… apologies… :-[

To look at any of the PDSA Animal Wellbeing Reports (PAW) which are produced each year by The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals here is a useful link: [size=14pt]
Yearly PDSA Animal Wellbeing Reports

These reports are available form 2011 onwards and should you prefer a link directly to their latest report, then that is here: [size=14pt] The PDSA 2021 Animal Wellbeing Report

In addition to other information, the 2021 PAW report also pays attention to the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps take a look to see how pets (and their owners) have fared over the period.

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