Poodle Problems 🐩

Morning…I have poodle 7kg…yes she’s tubby !..itchy ears and feet.Never loose stools but eats grass and is constantly hungry, then won’t eat, the vet prescribed Prednisone amongst other items.

We feed her Wainrights small breed (have also tried the hypoallergenic) mixed with wet food (all about to change after finding this website).

Because of the amount of problems I’m at a loss as to where to start…any advice ?

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My dog itches and iv got him on apoquel as steriods was a bit harsher i felt and an older dog developed cusions disease on steriods so i wasnt keen .
I also use foam chlorahexadine with moisturiser and then bath in the same substance but its a shapoo every 3rd day .Also i have gone onto raw food naturaw seen on hear my dog is 6kg in weight and is doing well at present im reducing the apoquel to every 3rd day inorder to use minium meds .
Hope your poodle has had bloods done to test for issues and checked for skin mights or flea allergy ect ,thyroid issues .My dog has balding patches on his back too but iv been told this may be to colour dilution of breed as hes a blue dashsund.

I have a collie that was having allergys to everything.
He was windy had loose stools and was forever biting at his feet and under carriage.
We moved his to AVA sensitive skin and stomach white fish and everything changed.
No more tummy problems and all itching went away.

Its an amazingly good food for them and of high quality.

Hope this helps and you get your pooch feeling better soon.

Kind regards

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Hey @Bettybrisk69,

It sounds like your poodle is dealing with several issues, possibly due to food sensitivities or allergies. You might consider switching to a limited ingredient diet to help identify any food triggers. Grain-free or novel protein diets can sometimes help with allergies.

Additionally, regular cleaning of the ears and paws can prevent infections. Consulting with a vet who specializes in allergies could provide a more tailored approach.