poorly pup (kideys)

Morning Google really hope you can help
2 months ago I helped to rescue four pups that we’re living in the back of a horsebox and the only interaction that had with humans was when someone open the horse box door to throw food inside
I fostered and later adopted the smallest and sickest of them all at 1.5 kg he was nearly three times smaller than his littermates and spent the first four days in intensive care but after that started to grow and develop nicely until last week
We believe he developed some sort of infection he was unable to walk racked with pain high temperature dehydration and completely flat blood results showed low protein levels and his urine sample showed that his kidneys were leaking protein. after a course of antibiotics he seems to be improved greatly and after thinking we were going to lose him last week and now more hopeful
I need to get in on a really good diet I ask the vet about very high protein diet but she is concerned that too much protein will damage his kidneys further so it has to be a really good quality protein rich food
He’s always been on harringtons puppy which I’ve always waited in the past but now I’m not sure this is high quality enough
Hes a lurcher. Saluki cross
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated

Hello and welcome to the forum. The type of protein is important, digestibility being the key feature. From what I understand, dogs digest animal protein more easily than protein from other sources. You therefore want to be looking for a food with a named meat source right at the top of the list of ingredients. We can help you to source a suitable food but it would be useful if you could ask the vet what percentage of protein (dry matter) she would like your dog to have. We also need to know if you are wanting dry food or wet. I think you would be better off with wet since it does not dehydrate the dog. However, dry food can be moistened with water and I think it might be useful to do this routinely.

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