Raw bones

Hiya,I have a 2 year lab mix,around 21kg/44pounds,fed kibble who I give raw marrow bones from time to time,she can be quite an agressive chewer when it comes to those…ive done some research and was both told by different people that turkey necks are the best and one of the bones where your dog can safely eat the bone as they are soft etc…and also been told its one of the most dangerous to give for being too large and the way they are build on the inside…I just bought one for the first time and asked to have it cut in half as it was massive but am now reluctant to feed it and im always scared of salmonella risks and etc which is why I dont give raw bones/meat often.
Anyway,just wondering if they are safe

Hello and welcome to the forum. In answer to your question of whether turkey necks are safe, I don’t think that anyone can say with any certainty that they are from the point of view of choking. You say that your dog is an aggressive chewer so I would be very careful if you do give them and never leave the dog unsupervised.

Re salmonella, you already know that bacteria can be a risk in raw meat. There is need to take extra precautions, particularly around vulnerable people such as babies, children, the elderly and immunocompromised. Bacteria can be shed by the dog, particularly around the mouth/saliva and chewing will possibly spread the risk. Some raw feeders doubt this but the evidence is clear. Vets regularly see dogs who have infected themselves due to licking their wounds. If you are going to give bones/body parts then it is best to give them to the dog in an area of the house that can be cleaned properly or in the garden.

A lady who was a specialist retailer of raw dog food told me that if a pet owner wasn’t comfortable with this method of feeding (including bones), it was best not to proceed with it. It was good advice. We should enjoy having our dogs, not be made anxious by what we give them to eat.

Many raw feeders give bones and body parts such as wings and turkey necks and are quite happy to do so. You have to read up about the pros and cons so that you can make up your own mind about it. It’s useful to remember that if there are any mishaps it will be the vet who you will turn to for help, not the person who tells you that it is ok to feed this or that. IIRC the veterinary associations do not recommend giving bones due to the risk of obstruction, peritonitis and dental fractures.

Hello and welcome to the forum, I would echo what Dottie says. Nobody can give a 100% guarantee that it is safe to feed bones or anything else for that matter. I used to feed them and had no problems but I started to worry too much as my dog gobbles her food and was tending to swallow quite bit bits. I found that it wasn’t worth the worry every time she had one. I wouldn’t have worried so much if she chewed and swallowed properly.

I personally don’t have a problem feeding raw, I take all the usual hygiene precautions and consider the risks in comparison to possible risks to health from a kibble and other issues like eco friendly packaging. The food I have chosen to feed as my main food, fits my needs best at the moment. I would be inclined to say avoid feeding any food that makes you nervous. You have to feel comfortable, whatever you decide to do. If you really don’t want to feed kibble, there are some good wet cooked food options out there.

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