Raw diet

Hi everyone , I am looking for help and advise on putting my 9mnth old labradoodle onto a raw diet .
She is my first dog and this is all new to me , so any advice/experience is welcome :slight_smile:

Hello Scottie and welcome to the forum!

If you’d want to have a search for and take a look at raw foods which are already on the allaboutdogfood website then you’d use the Dog Food Directory page here:

Dog Food Directory

And then you may narrow the results of all available foods in the databases to only show you the complete raw foods, by setting the “Type of food” filter for “Raw completes”.

Alternatively, if you might be thinking about adding raw food as an addition to an existing diet, so in effect adding raw as a complimentary food, then set the filter for “Complimentary raw”.


Hello and welcome to the forum. I agree with Meg - search for raw completes in the Dog Food Directory and you are sure to find one that suits. You usually need to feed 2% to 3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, divided into two meals. You will need to take sensible hygiene precautions so read up about that before you start to raw feed. This is important.

When you have chosen a product, it might be helpful to contact the manufacturer for further advice as you are new to raw feeding. They will advise about transition, varieties of food etc.

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