Sensitive tummy

I have a springer pup who has been with me for 4 weeks. Initially came on Wainwrights wet and dry which apparently suited her. (Shes a rescue so not from breeder). However has had intermittent splatty poos since arriving, which at first i put down to change in environment etc. After a couple of weeks i changed her to Barking Heads puppy wet n dry but didn’t help. Then she produced 2 worms, which i guess would have affected everything. nearly 2 weeks later and she has formed poos but still very soft so i don’t think the BH is working for her. Can anyone recommend a good puppy food for a sensitive tummy?

Hello and welcome to the forum. I think that your first port of call should be a visit to the vet and take a stool sample. This sounds like it could be giardia which is a parasitic disease that can successfully be treated with medication. Has your pup been wormed? I have usually treated my pups with Drontal syrup but I can’t remember the exact schedule - it is on the instruction sheet of course. Pups need to be wormed a number of times before the age of 6 months. They are more likely to be badly infested if their mother wasn’t wormed.

It is good that you are looking to source a quality food for your puppy and we would be happy to help but we need to rule out infection first so please see the vet asap then come back to this thread and we can have a chat about it.

Hello and welcome to the forum, I agree with Dottie . It does sounds like a visit to the vets is necessary to try and resolve any issues before trying to find a food which suits your pup. Good luck, I hope things improve soon.