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Can you tell me why I have to sign in with facebook or google etc. when I want to reply to someone’s comment. I don’t like the idea of my information going to other people.

That’s odd - I haven’t experienced this myself. TBH I don’t know the answer to this question but I will pass the message on to David who is the administrator for the forum.

Good question Laurie. We used to allow ‘guest’ comments - i.e. comments without the need for logging in but after a legal case (nothing to do with us) in which a website was found liable for some libellous comments it hosted on the basis that they were provided anonymously, we had to tighten things up a bit to make sure that we didn’t fall to a similar fate. You can still quickly and easily register an account with Discuss - the company that provide our comments boards. That way your Facebook and Google accounts won’t enter the equation.