Silly question, but how do you feed raw carrots to clean teeth?

I want to try giving my greyhound raw carrots, as I’ve heard they can help to keep their teeth clean. I am slightly concerned about him choking on them, as he eats his food without chewing it.

He has had around a dozen teeth removed (greyhounds are notorious for having poor teeth). I know people will say I should brush them, but he hates having his mouth touched. I give him CSJ seaweed and parsley, which is supposed to be good for helping reduce plaque and tartar.

I presume that I would give him a whole peeled carrot, after cutting off the ends. I think that would be safer than cutting them into large pieces. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have a lurcher. I give him slices of carrot. It takes him a while to chew on a single slice and he actually spits it out if pieces are to big :slight_smile:

I give my spaniel 1/4 - 1/2 a whole carrot most days because she just loves them. I don’t peel them, wash them or cut off the ends and have encountered no issues whatsoever! She eats pretty fast but does crunch them up - I hadn’t heard about dental benefits but I guess that’s a bonus. I give her raw beef ribs for the dental benefits though and they seem to work really well!

Simply wash and trim a carrot and that should be fine. If you are concerned that he might choke on it then cut it in half. Another excellent solution would be to buy a type of ground seaweed called plaqueoff. It is meant to help soften plaque and tartar or and reduce the build up in future.

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Wash ours, cut the stem off and that’s all that’s needed. Our goldie loves them