Skinners Field and trial Superior

Any chance this could get added to the food ingredient list as can’t currently find a rating on it?

Love and would love to be able to compare current foods.

Considering changing from Millies Wolfheart peak Performance as its costing me the earth and need a high fat working food.


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I can’t put it in the Instant Review Generator or enter it into the Dog Food Directory because the ingredient list is incomplete - there are no percentages. I tried several sites. If you can let me have the correct information it would be helpful.

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I have contacted their nutritionist and she has said the following.

The composition of Skinners Field and Trial Superior is 40% chicken meat meal, 31.7% maize, 12.5% fat (poultry), 8% brown rice, 2.5% beet pulp, 2.5% dried whole egg, 1% cellulose, 0.5% brewers yeast, plus other vitamins and minerals to produce a complete and balanced diet.

Do you think you could get it added to the dog food directory :slight_smile:

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Thank you for providing the percentages. I have copied your list into the Instant Review Generator and it scores 3.4 with two red ingredients - maize and cellulose. I will ask for it to be entered in the Dog Food Directory but it might take a little while before it is completed.

Hi Aimeetess and welcome aboard. I’ve just added the Skinner’s Superior listing here:
I hope that helps.