Stomach problems following intestinal surgery

Two months ago our cocker spaniel had surgery to remove a corn cob, which also required the removal of a 6 inch section of her lower intestine. Before this, she ate anything with no problems. A couple of weeks ago she started to get all the symptoms of acid reflux, being sick, and not interested in her kibble. We’ve since switched to Butternut box, and she is back to eating with gusto, and no acid symptoms so far. However, she is losing weight, we’ve increased the amount by quite a lot, but she is still losing weight, she’s not very big anyway (her heaviest was 11.5kg), she’s now 10kg and very skinny. I’m concerned about just increasing her food in case that puts pressure on her system, any suggestions for how to get weight on her without running the risk of causing the acid reflux? Thanks

Hello. How much exercise is your spaniel having? If she is having a lot, it might be worth reducing it. Diet wise, perhaps adding some gently cooked carbohydrate such as butternut squash or sweet potato might help.

I have a dog with a similar history to yours except that her weight is holding steady. I find that it is necessary to feed her four times a day. That way, her stomach is never empty. She has commercial fresh cooked food too but a different brand to the one you are using.

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