Dr Conor Brady, https://dogsfirst.ie/four-cats-dead-tb-from-a-venison-raw-dog-food/

Great… my 6 lb dog eats this, and loves it. Maybe I should switch to lamb, salmon etc…

Natural Instinct. https://www.naturalinstinct.com/venison

My little dog is weird… I timed him and he took 13 seconds to eat his dinner (Natures Menu venison nuggets), and he is still, 11 minutes later, licking his bowl non-stop.

EDIT: I did say he loves venison nuggets - he has been licking the empty bowl non-stop for over half an hour now. I never know whether to take it away or not. When I do, the bowl feels hot with all that licking.

Cat owners may have caught TB from their pets after feeding them infected venison as part of trendy raw meat diet.