Treats selection

My dog loves treat but I am concerned about his weight and health issues as treats contain chemicals and preservatives. Some of my pet parent friend suggested to use wet nose or Dogsee chew products. Could you suggest any more reliable healthy, natural and vegetarian alternative for dog treat?

The treats I give to my dogs are:

  1. Bedtime biscuit - currently Feelwell’s Goodnight Biscuit or Wainwright’s bone shaped biscuits.
  2. Sea jerky (dried fish skins or those tiny dried sprats)
  3. Feelwell’s cheese/liver training treats - they are the perfect (tiny) size for walks/recall etc.

You can also check out the Treat Directory on this website.

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Fish4dogs super star training treats are very small and quite good when you need to treat often. They don’t do too much damage to the waistline.

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If you think your dog may enjoy a carrot - and this varies considerably…I’ve had dogs who attempt to lead straight to the greengrocer for their daily carrot! And others who do not even bother to sniff at a carrot, let alone eat one - then you might try offering a carrot as a vegetarian snack.

Using the options of “Natural” and “Vegetarian”, as mentioned in your post, for the treat properties in the allaboutdogfood treat directory (please see link to this directory in Dottie’s post), there are 3 suggested results, namely:

“Green & Wilds Chewroots”, “Tribal Natural Health Dog Biscuit Treats” and “Tribal Natural Support Dog Biscuit Treats”.

My dog enjoys treats, but I worry about his weight and health for problems because treats have additives and toxins in them. Some of the pet parents I know advised using Dogsee or Wet Nose chews. Could you offer a more dependable, healthful, all-natural, and vegetarian dog treat substitute?