What's the problem with this?

I’ve spoken on the forum before about my little dog who, at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015 began to have issues with her stomach. I don’t want to bore members with more about that but I have (happily) got her settled now. The thing is, she has always been a hardy dog and able to eat anything but I am wondering whether the problem might be that she has developed intolerance to some ingredients. A few weeks ago, by way of a change I gave her a small amount of Wainwright’s Grain Free Turkey and Vegetables (one of the other dogs seems to do very well on it). She was still on her normal food - I just gave her a little bit for dinner on one day and slightly more next day. The following morning she had awful diarrhoea. I took her to the vet because the weekend was coming up and she was treated with medication. She recovered extremely quickly and was not overtly unwell. Question is, what, in this recipe is the most likely cause of intolerance? Can anyone help me make sense of this please?

Turkey (37%) (Turkey Meat Meal, Turkey Gravy/ Broth / Sauce in dog food), Sweet Potato (30%), Potato (10%), Beet Pulp (4%), Rapeseed Oil (4%), Pea Starch (4%), Linseed (3%), Alfalfa (2%), Carrot (1%), Yeasts, Minerals, Tomato (0.5%), Seaweed Meal (0.5%), Herbs (Marjoram 167 mg/kg, Oregano 167mg/kg, Sage 167 mg/kg, Parsley 167 mg/kg, Rosemary 167 mg/kg), Yucca (200 mg/kg), Cranberry (100 mg/kg), Marigold (50 mg/kg).

I recall that the problem started when she was the rabbit variety of this product so I don’t think it is the meat source. She is fine with poultry because I add cooked chicken to her fishy kibble. If it helps, I can say that her current food contains potato, pea flour and seaweed (kelp) and she seems to be doing well with the product. I am wondering if it might be sweet potato? Any thoughts please?

My pup is fructose intolerant, meaning he cannot eat any fruits. He also cannot have carrots, so my assumption would be it may be the carrots (even less than 1% in the food will cause issues with him).

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That is interesting. In the past I have given the girls carrot but I haven’t done for many years because it used to go straight through them. Having discussed this with one of the other members, it seems that it could be one of a few things. I’m kind of erring on the side of the rapeseed oil being the problem but I could be wrong. There is no indication to take it any further because she is currently very well on her fishy food so I will just stick with that.

Sorry to hear your girl had a bad stomach. Pea starch jumps out at me just because Muffin gets a bit loose with too many peas. However obviously not the case here. My next guess would be sweet potato because we sometimes give Muffin cooked beef and sweet potato casserole and the resulting wind is not good in a two birth caravan! She doesn’t seem to be ill on it but very windy.