Which food?

Can anyone advise on best types of dog food? We have an 11mnth old Bichon who has been on wainwright’s wet/dry food mix since we got him. He had started recently to leave the kibble and just eat the wet so we have changed 1 week ago to tails.com. He is doing the same, eating wet food and leaving most of kbble. Thinking of trying butternut box but are dogs supposed to have some form of kibble for their teeth? Any advice welcome!

Hello and welcome to the forum. Your Bichon would be perfectly alright on wet food only. Dogs do not need kibble if they are on a wet complete product. Some people say that it is good for their teeth but I can’t see why it should be. A better option, particularly with small breeds is to brush teeth regularly using canine toothpaste. Chew toys such as Nylabone may help.

As your dog likes the Wainwright’s you could stay with that and forget the kibble. You may need to adjust the amount upwards to replace the dry food.

You asked about Butternut Box and it is without doubt an excellent product, one that is in a league of its own. Freshly cooked, well balanced and without any unnecessary additives. You do have to pay extra for such quality though. Your dog would probably be delighted to have such tasty food.

Thanks for quick response. I have a lot to think about as there are so many choices.

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Yes, we are fortunate to have a good choice of wet food. If you haven’t already used the Dog Food Directory you can narrow down the search by using the filters on the left. Select ‘wet complete’ if you are sticking with this type of food.