WSAVA document on raw feeding

Just found this article which is a statement by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association on raw meat based diets.

There is currently no properly documented evidence of health benefits for RMBD, but there are well documented risks. As such, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Global Nutrition Committee recommends that RMBD not be fed to dogs and cats.
Sometimes it is difficult to know what to think. [URL=] [/URL]
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And the WSAVA sponsors? The big 3 pet food manufacturers… Check their reviews and ratings, and those of their subsidiary brands on here. This makes me wonder about impartiality.

“Global Nutrition Committee:
Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Nestle Purina
Royal Canin”


Thank you for that information David. Just goes to show that there is always another angle. I didn’t know that and would hazard a guess that few ordinary pet owners would either so it is useful to know.

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Always worth looking a little deeper to see who is really talking to you :wink: