2 rescue puppies looking for a new home

Hey all,
I’m not sure if this is the best place for this post on the forum. If not, someone please let me know and I will move it accordingly.

I recently rescued 2 stray mixed breed puppies (boy and girl) from Greece which I just got over to the UK.
They are now just over 5 months old.

They seem to be a mix of Labrador and Greek Shepherd (and possibly other breeds too) so they will be medium-large sized dogs when fully grown.
Colours are white (boy) and brown/black with a couple of white stripes (girl).

I’m keen to find a nice home for them with someone who will be able to spend time with them and continue their training.
If anyone is interested or knows someone who’s interested, please get in touch on the forum, or feel free to pass on the attachment.

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As you can probably see, this forum is specifically about nutrition, therefore your post is not really appropriate. However, I will leave it in place with the hope that it will help to spread the word about these two puppies. I hope that a home can be found soon for them.

Nikos, please be very very careful who you give these puppies to. There are unfortunately many people who will take them for the wrong reason - as bait dogs for training fighting dogs, or to sell on without vetting the buyers, for instance.

May I respectfully suggest that you ask a reputable rescue centre, like the Blue Cross, or Dogs Trust, to take them? They will make sure they go to a genuine home. Please!

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Ditto above :wink:

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I will add my plea to not offer these dogs for nothing or on sites like Gumtree or Facebook as there is a real danger of them ending up in the wrong hands. I have a rescue from Cyprus myself, a lovely family dog in spite of her breed website description as not suitable. I foster for Many Tears Animal Rescue which is based near Swansea which if you Google you should find. Like all shelters they are hard pressed but as they take in from the Welsh puppy farms as well as the pound and farms do always have puppies for adoption. Most are in foster across the country and they might be able to advise you.

Hi Nikos
You would be better posting on Facebook as there are lots of good rescue organisations on there. If you send me a friend request - Janine Owen - I can share it so my rescue friends can see

I appreciate the thread resurrection may be with good intentions, however, this thread is ow 3 months old & OP has not responded to prior replies & advice.

I personally believe that you show reach out to the rescue center for their safety, as they will make sure that the puppies get a good home. Else there is another to post a classified, maybe someone will come across to take them in.

Thank you for the responses to this thread. As Coaster has said, the thread is some months old and the OP has not returned to it. I will therefore close it.