Hello from Cheshire!

Woohoo my fave website now has a forum!!!

I’m Nikki and I share my life with 3 rescue dogs :smiley: Daisy a Lhasa Apso, Teddy another Lhasa (ex breeding dog from Many Tears) both 8 years old, and Ruby a Shih Tzu who is the baby at nearly 3. We also have a foster Lhasa boy who’s been with us for 8 months, he has some issues and doesn’t like other dogs so is proving difficult to place,

I love to educate myself about what I feed to my dogs so always check out any new food on the main site, it’s a valuable source of information for me :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to this lovely forum. You are so good to have rescued and fostered from Many Tears. They do fantastic work. Eight months is a long time so I do hope that someone suitable comes along to adopt your foster dog.

My foster dog is from Lhasa Apso Rescue UK, he’s a sweet little thing when the mood takes him, which isn’t that often LOL! :wink: This is Jack

He’s ridiculously adorable! Just keep him away from my Lizzy…she is obsessed with anything that looks like a Lhasa…

Wow - what a cute little fella. It’s great to see a photograph on the forum - makes it more homely. LOL Thank you for letting us have a peek at him. :slight_smile:

Well if you like photo’s who am I to deny you :wink: Meet the rest of the gang…







Hello and welcome to the forum.
It is so lovely to see pics of your dog family, they are gorgeous!
I look forward to more of your posts here!
I hope your Foster dog soon finds a good home too!