I have just joined this webpage and forum, and thought I would introduce myself

I have 2 dogs, 1 female Lhasa Apso who will be 3 yrs old this year, we got her when she was 3 months old and we were her 3rd owner, nothing to do with her but the previous owners.

The other dog that I have is a 9 yr old male Lakeland Terrier, we welcomed him into our home last year when we rehomed him from a local dog rehoming centre.

Hello and welcome to the forum. So pleased to hear about you rescuing two dogs - well done. It’s good to hear of you giving the Lakeland a second chance as so many people prefer the younger dogs. They are a lovely breed. I hope that they are both doing well and have long and happy lives with you.

Hello and welcome to the forum. My friend has a lakeland terrier. He is a real character. Much adored but a bit of a handful at times ;D I don’t think he has matured much with age.