Another newbie here although I have used the site for many months so thought I should join the forum. I have 3 dogs all rescues from Many Tears. They are Indie a 2.5 yr old Rottie. Colt a 6 yr old GSP and Arthur a 4.5 yr old Pointer. They are all fed on slightly different things. Indie is completely raw fed on a mixture of Natural Instinct and Naturesmenu free flow minces with added vegetables and bone. The boys are fed Millies Wolfheart kibble with either Lukullus wet or some raw mince and a little raw bone. Nutrition has always interested me for both humans and dogs so am looking forward to reading more on the forum.

Hello and welcome Indie,

Sounds like you have a lot of experience and a real mix of dogs. I hear a lot of good things about Many tears rescue.

Hello and welcome
I have a BC and we also feed Millies ‘Ranger Mix’ I am new to Millies been only a few weeks but wow such a difference already my floss has many allergies chicken made her face and legs puff up.
Hope you enjoy the forum its a really lovely place and the people as so helpful
love Lou x