Hello from Tinyplanets

Hello all

I also use all about dog food often and am currently feeding my terrier mix (Muffin) Gentle and the nature diet. I am also curious about raw feeding and will be interested to hear what peoples experiences are.

Welcome! Please make yourself at home and whenever you have any doggy issues on your mind, be sure to let us know

Hello again Tinyplanets. I think we need to let members into the secret - we are already pals through our shared love of the Cairn Terrier. Also, we are both interested in good feeding for our dogs. Now we can ‘chat’ in three places on t’internet! LOL :slight_smile:

Yes it is true, we are a little bit obsessed with dog food 8) and so very happy to have a food forum so we can get even more confused.

Dottie has an extensive knowledge of ingredients etc so I am sure will be a great contributor.

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