Hello (again)

Hi everyone, I did join a while ago but somehow messed my account up so David has kindly let me start afresh :slight_smile:

I used to be a nurse so know how important diet is from a human point of view and therefore keen to learn as much as I can about how to meet the nutritional needs of my boys, Arnie the (nearly) 13yr old Harrier and 9yr old George the Jack Russellish, they are both rescues. I also use food for behaviour modification for George who has had quite severe aggression problems, though these have responded well to management

Nowadays I run a Terrier Website including a Forum plus FB page and YouTube channels as a full time hobby ::slight_smile:


Hello and welcome back, Glad to have you back on board. George sounds like a handful but I am sure he is worth the stress. Good that he is responding to behaviour modification.

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Welcome Agandl! We got there in the end! Really great to have you on board

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Thank you for the welcome and thank you for the help David

Tinyplanets, you are right about George, he was quite a problem for the firs couple of years we had him but he is 90% lovely now. There are still a 2 - 3 dogs that he doesn’t get on with but on the up side he is great fun and quick to learn :slight_smile:

He sounds just like Muffin. Being on the lead can add to it but being off around dogs isn’t an option. She has also been off on her jollies chasing small furries in fields lately. Goes stone deaf so will be staying on her long lead for the foreseeable future. Terriers are never boring anyway! ;D

Nice to have you back. We have similarities in our interests - would be interested to know what your website/forum is.

Thank you Dottie, it’s good to be back, its a very interesting and useful site and we often advise people to look here for advice. Also David has been a real star finding out a couple of things for me via the FB site as I was having difficulty getting here.

Re your question about the terrier site it is PawsitivelyTerriers and it is a .com, you are very welcome t take a look :slight_smile:

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