Hi everyone, I have been using this site for 2 -3 years now and have found it very helpful but hadn’t noticed it had a forum :frowning:

I have 2 dogs Arnie, a 12yr old Harrier and George, an 8yr old JRT type Terrier. I am incredibly lucky in that they will eat anything, in fact Arnie will eat everything ;D so I don’t have to worry about finding something they will eat but I do like to feed them the best I can.

I am looking forward to getting to know people, I have read a few posts and can see lots of you have much more knowledge of food issues than I do. I find it quite a complex area

As well as visiting All About Dog Food for myself I run a small Terrier Forum and often recommend this site to members who are looking for help with food problems :slight_smile:

Good morning and welcome to the forum. As you can see, it is very new so it is not surprising that you have just recently noticed it. I’ve no knowledge of Harriers so I must go and have a look for that. Terriers are well known to me, having had them for over 40 years. Mine aren’t fussy about food either - they will eat anything, just like yours. Coincidentally, I am involved in a small breed specific terrier forum as well, which is why I ended up here because as you know, it is not uncommon to have queries about feeding and diet. I find it confusing too but I am learning more by studying the website and also through this forum.

Hi Dottie, pleased to meet you :slight_smile:

I noticed from the bottom of your post that your forum is a Cairn one, my first ever dog was a Cairn when I was 14 (which was a tad more than 40yrs ago lol ) I love your signature line about when God made Terriers he smiled

Harriers are beagle type, sitting in size terms somewhere between a beagle and a fox hound. He is very gentle and kind and when he manages to ‘liberate’ food he will even share it with George :slight_smile: a generosity which isn’t wholly returned.

George has behavioural problems which is what first got me interested in food and a whole load of other things about canine well-being and management. I have found AADF to be a great help

Well, really! I may have had the odd wild moment in my youth but I like to think I’m a perfect gentleman these days. ;D

Welcome to he forum Agandl, and please allow me to compliment you in your excellent taste in names.

I was out walking with two of the dogs yesterday and was pulled up by a man who said that he hadn’t seen a Cairn for a very long time (he used to have a Westie). This seems to happen a lot. Folk will say things like they had one when they were very young but haven’t seen one since. I think they are less popular these days. I didn’t have dogs until I was in my adult years and although I wanted a Beagle, I ended up with a Westie. Went onto Cairns in the early '90s and I still adore them. They are such happy go lucky little dogs - full of joie de vivre. Just looked at the Harrier and yes, they are exactly as you described them.

I suspect that, (like you) many of us become interested in dog food when we have a problem. Perhaps owners don’t give it much thought as long as their pets are well and healthy on whatever they are giving them. It’s only in the last couple of years that I have given the subject any real thought.

I also think people who have never had a dog before are very much swayed by the expensive advertising campaigns of mass produce foods. Its not until they start speaking to other dog owners on forums etc that they realise the majority of those food are “junk” food. that certainly happened with me I thought Royal Canin was good.

I too have recommended to the site to members of other forums.

Welcome to the forum I’m new myself

Many are also fooled by vets. When spoke a vet about the Little Cav’s problems I was told the answer was to feed him, and I quote, a really good super-premium food like Royal Canin. >:(

As I’ve said before, I don’t generally hold vets in high regard. Though I’m sure the profit she would have made had I bought the large bag she was pointing to on her shelf had nothing to do with it. Much.

Hello and welcome agandl,

George, you do make me laugh ;D

I also have a small terrier. A bit of a mix. A one off, well I always think so, usually only to discover she is typical terrier.

There was a form to fill in recently at the pet show live, to win a years supply of royal canin. I gave it to my step daughter and she won. Good job I handed it over or I would have a years supply of food to get rid of!

Thank you all for your lovely welcome

Dottie - terriers just aren’t one of the current trendies :frowning: unless people can say they are a Jug (JRT x Pug) or Cojack (Corgi x JRT) or something else that sound ‘designer’

George my boy is thrilled to find a namesake here - almost as thrilled as he was when they named the royal baby after him ;D

Great to meet another Newbie, Schnauday, thanks for saying hello

Tinyplanets - The boys are regularly given violently coloured chews and things for Christmas, by people who for the rest of the year know how careful I am to avoid any colouring in their food, so come the New Year I give them away - though it does worry me a bit to give stuff I wouldn’t use. Different with the Royal Canin - at least it has a certain ‘respectability’ but I really question myself as to whether I should be passing on luridly coloured treats

I avoid anything with colours not just because they’re bad. Mine was given a hoof filled with stuff that was coloured red. He ended up with a pink beard ;D Fortunately it washed out but it took a few washes.

I know what you mean. Last year I gave our canine friends, some bags of homemade liver treats for christmas. I was going to let my dog have her xmas treats as it was once a year but when I read, wash hands after contact with skin on a christmas pudding (doggy one). They went in the bin.