Hello and Advice please

Hi i have an 8 mth old border terrier who is currently fed on pro plan, i am looking to start to introduce a new food to be able to move on to and would like some feed back on what people think is a good choice.



Hello and welcome to the forum. There are so many products on the market today and the best way of sourcing a suitable one is to learn something about the principles of selecting a good dog food. This is a bit of work at the outset but it stands the pet owner in good stead for the future, especially with a dog as young as yours. There is a thread here which may be helpful.

It isn’t very difficult to spot a decent quality food once you get into the habit of reading the ingredient list carefully. Fortunately, this website makes it even easier because we have the Dog Food Directory which tells us a great deal about individual products. Using the filters on the left hand side allows the owner to select those features that are important to them and they will narrow down the search considerably.

It’s rarely helpful for people to suggest what to feed because their dogs might have different needs and in any case it is very subjective. For instance, people will sometimes recommend really poor quality food for no other reason than they feed it to their dog. Often they have not read the ingredient list and if they do they may not fully understand it. That’s why I suggest that you please have a read at the thread above. You then need to consider narrowing down your search e.g. type of food, budget, whether you want to be able to buy the food from your local pet store or are willing to purchase on line.

When you have a better idea of what you are looking for, post back and we will help you use the Dog Food Directory to source something suitable.


Welcome to the forum Matt. I second Dottie’'s advice. Certain food types may not be practical for example raw wasn’t practical for me. There’s a wealth of information on the site.

Good luck in finding a food that works for you as well as your dog

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Our 5 month old Border Terrier is loving her Forthglade and her Aleka small paws.
Now that she’s shown that she’s happy with it, I’m buying it all online in larger quantities so save on shipping.

There’s two flavours of Forthglade for puppies, and now three flavours of Akela in the small paws size.
As well as Akela 80/20 treats and various dried salmon skins! Yum.

Hi Matt,

I have a Terrier also, but she is a big girl now, when she was small i was feeding her boiled chicken in small ammounts.