What to feed 4 month old Border Terrier puppy

Hello to All,
I’d be grateful for any help and advice on what to feed our Border Terrier puppy, Barney, born 20th March, so he’s four months old + 9 days. He’s mainly been eating some dry puppy food supplied by the breeder, so far.

Thanking you for any advice,


Hello. With so many products on the market we are unable to advise on any one particular type. This might be of help. Also, have a look at the Dog Food Directory as it is an easy way of selecting a suitable product. As a start, use these filters:

Properties - clearly labelled
Avoid ingredients - all red/all yellow

You can tweak the other filters as you choose. Higher rated products are often all age so that would mean that you needn’t change food again as your puppy grows into adulthood. AADF Facebook Group might also be helpful.