Advice on puppy food please

Hi if anyone could help please I would appreciate the advice very much. We have a 18 week old border collie and the breeder original feed his pups on burgess which we tried to begin until one day he didn’t want to eat it anymore and he always loves to eat lol. We went to one of the local pet shops which is part of a feed making company and they gave me some of there own product to try. Which to be fair he loves and we can even use as treats for training. Due to coming to the end of a 15kg bag I’m now questioning if it’s good enough quality or should I try anything else. The name and ingredients.

Hj lea oaks nurtura puppy-junior
Poultry meat meal (min 30%), maize, meat and marrowbone meal, poultry oil, barley, rice, dried Brewers yeast, dried seaweed, dried egg, vitamins and mimerals.
Contains ec approved antioxidants and preservatives.
Antioxidants bht (e321) preservatives calcium propionate (e282) citric acid (e330)

Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read this post and responds.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have just put your current food into the Instant Review Generator and it scores 3.3. You can do the same by copying and pasting it into the box on the left side of the page. It has several red ingredients. As you want an opinion on it, I would have to say that it is not a food that I would choose to give to my dogs.

If you want to find something with no red ingredients, go to the Dog Food Directory and use the filters on the left side of the page to select the requirements that you have. Under ‘Avoid Ingredients’ you will see (in red) ‘all red ingredients’. If you tick that box the result will be products that are free of controversial ingredients.

Remember that dogs need meat so look for foods that have the named meat source at the top of the list of ingredients. If grain is alright for your dog, choose brown rice/oats as the carbohydrate source. If you want grain free, sweet potato is more nutritious for dogs than white potato.

Please post back to let us know what you decide and also if you need any help selecting a new product.

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Hi thanks for getting back to me having a look this food scores 4.7 Essential The Beginning Large Breed. Any review on this product or can recommend anything better? Then I can see if my local pet store supplies. Thanks

Essential The Beginning, Large Breed is reviewed here. It looks as if it would certainly be a good food to give to your pup. No red ingredients, multiple protein sources, including fish. Sweet potato, fruit and vegetables are all good. I would say yes, give it a try. Remember to transition over a period of time and to weigh the food out accurately. With high quality foods a smaller quantity is sometimes required.
Somewhere on the forum David has written a post on the nutritional needs of growing large breed puppies. I will try and find it later unless anyone else can locate it and provide a link.

Hello and welcome to the forum Craigj4215, You can find some general advice about feeding both puppies and larger breeds in the feeding guide here
The food you are looking at has an impressive list of ingredients.

Just a update couldn’t find a lot of the highly rated food local. Then had a look at Eden food which I have been in contact with and can collect from there warehouse which isnt to far and scores 5. Will be collecting so samples soon to try and see how it goes thanks for all the help Craig


Thanks for the update. Please let us know how you get on with Eden.

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