Which dog food to choose?!

We are bringing home our Cocker Spaniel/ French Bulldog mix puppy next weekend and have no idea what dog food to purchase! There are so many choices, its a bit overwhelming, plus there is not much about this breed online so impossible to do research about how big he will get etc. Can anyone offer any advice?

Hello and welcome to the forum. Is this your first dog? Regarding adult size of your dog, I don’t know about this particular cross but the parents are small so perhaps your dog will be too.

Choosing a good dog food can be confusing but is made easier by using the filters on the Dog Food Directory as it helps to narrow things down.

When you bring puppy home, continue on the food that the breeder has been using - he or she should give you a sample, preferably enough for at least one week. This is important because the puppy will probably be a bit stressed and you want to make the transition as easy as possible. Changing food at the same time as moving home could cause problems. Please let us know which food the pup is on.

Before you fetch puppy you could be doing a bit of reading up. There is a thread here which explains what to look for when selecting dog food.

If you have an independent pet supplies shop near you it is often good to use that, especially if the staff are interested and knowledgeable about what they sell. Such shops often have quality dog food in stock.

Please post back when you have puppy and let us know which food he or she is on. We can then help you find something suitable if necessary.

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I can’t really add anything to what Dottie said but just wanted to say welcome to the forum. I hope you find something suitable and keep us informed about how things are going with your pup.

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Hi Dottie,

Thanks for the response! Yes, this is our first dog and we have been told that he is on Lily’s Kitchen dry puppy food and seems to really like it so have bought him some of that for now. Are you familiar with this brand? They seem to be quite popular.

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Lily’s Kitchen Perfectly Puppy Dry Food is reviewed here and scores 3.9 stars with just a couple of red ingredients. As puppy is liking the food and doing well, it would be best to leave it for a few weeks. Once he is older and ready to upgrade to junior or adult food, you can have a good look round and we can help you if needs be.

This food is complete but if you want to add a bit of variety you can do. Scrambled egg, sardines, chicken are suitable. You could also add a small topper of a good quality wet food - Lily’s Kitchen sell this too. It gives them different texture, taste and aroma. If you are giving a topper, reduce the complete food accordingly, but not by more than circa 25%.

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Thanks Dottie! :slight_smile: