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I have a six month cocker spaniel (working breed) and he doesn’t seem that keen on Vitalin Puppy Plus, although brought up on it so far. Some of his breakfast is still in his bowl, I am following amount guidelines and I was wondering what others would recommend.

Hello and welcome to the forum,
I haven’t had much experience with feeding puppies and any special needs they may have. Personally I like Gentle which you can feed from weeing. My dog has always been keen to eat this.

I also feed raw frozen but I am not sure if this is suitable for puppy’s. I am sure somebody with more experience of feeding pups will be able to advise. Has it been on going that he is not keen or just recently? Some dogs seem to have periods of going off their food from what I can gather from other families with dogs that I have spoken to.

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Hi I have 2 working cockers and a show cocker each one as a puppy were different they were brought up on dry kibbles can I ask if you have any other dogs and how many time do you feed?

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Years ago I had a dog that came to me on this and I found it quite strange - it looked like a breakfast cereal - a bit like a cross between muesli and corn flakes. I took her off it quite quickly. Don’t know if it still looks like this. Anyway, which type of Vitalin are you feeding? By coincidence I looked at these on the Dog Food Directory just a few weeks ago and the score varies, Adult and Puppy Plus being the better varieties.

I’m assuming that you need to continue with dry food. Depending on the food you choose, you could be thinking about continuing with puppy or going onto junior. Some might say just go onto adult and with my breed that is what I did last year when my pup reached about seven or eight months. I see no problem in going to an adult food as long as it has the right kibble size and is of very good quality with a high protein level. It should have a named meat source at the head of the list of ingredients. The more meat, the better the food. Then decide whether you want to be grain free. If you are not bothered about this, just make sure there is no wheat, maize and perhaps white rice in the formula. Vitamin has corn and oats in it so maybe grain free might be best seeing as how he has gone off it.

There are so many great products on the market these days and it is hard to advise you on which to choose but here are a few examples of the better ones: Canagan, Millie’s Wolfheart, Orijen, Eden. There are more and if you do a search on the Dog Food Directory you can put the filters in that you require. You will then get suggestions which you can check out. Of those, I have used Canagan and I think it is a good dog food.

Personally, like TinyPlanets, I like cold pressed foods because they have not been subjected to the high temperatures that kibble is exposed to, therefore leaving more of the nutriments intact. If you would like to look at these, some of them are: Markus Muhle, Lupo, Black Angus and my favourite, Gentle. They tend to be for all life stages.

All of these foods are more expensive than Vitalin but don’t be put off by that because dogs tend to need smaller meals so you will see an empty bowl but the dog’s nutrition will be better. Smaller poos too.

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Thanks for your advice, we only have one dog at present and I was following the feeding pattern the breeder had which was 7ish, 1ish and 7ish again. But found that didn’t work so over time changed to 9ish 2ish and then 7ish but am finding he isn’t really interested in breakfast at all. So am thinking of trying just early lunch and tea time.
This is my first dog in sometime and first cocker ever, food wise I am happy to try anything no matter re the cost providing it is the healthiest thing for him and that he likes it.
Looking forward to further advice.
Many thanks

I had my boy on 3 meals a day until 6 mths when he started only wanting breakfast well after his walk and then not bothering with lunch. I changed it to 2 meals breakfast after walk and evening between 6-7 which is still his routine now.

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Solo - thinking about it, Canagan might be a good place to start. It is grain free, using sweet potato as the carb source and is for all ages. There is a small dog type with smaller kibble. I have two friends whose dogs are doing well on it. I tried it for a while and my experience was that it needs to be given in smaller amounts than recommended but with a puppy that might not be the case. Your dog should be fine on two meals per day and should clear the bowl. There are so many good foods these days and it can be hard to choose one so that is why I suggested this. If you are on Facebook, have a look at the company page.

at 6 months, most dogs tend to reduce to 2 meals a day, so there is no problem there.

I would go with either Raw, or Eden as the nutrients are ideal for all sges from weaning to old age. it is steam cooked for 60 seconds and then air dried to help prevent nutrient loss, and chelated vitamins are added to replace those losses.

look up vitalin and any other foods you are interested in the review section to compare them.

I didn’t know about the processing and formulation of Eden - sounds as if it would be a good choice.

That’s why I’m here dottie, to help people with their pets nutrition in general, but also to give help and advice specific to Eden products too. ;D

Its a mine field isnt it, most of the high meat formulas are made on the same machines at GA, so all are steamed at low temps
Any of the ones Dottie mentioned would be something I would try.

do a swift google on reviews before jumping in and try samples first as no one food suits all dogs

I now feed Millies Wolfheart and my dog is a chicken free dog so this brands forumula’s works better for me.

I dont work for the company so my opinion isnt bias just on experience on what I feed now
I feed ranger mix and transition was fab customer services were fab too call and speak to the owners direct a bonus

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Do you work in the industry Louise? you seem to have a good knowledge of GA processes?

Eden have 2 chicken free recipes available for any of the 1-2% of dogs that are chicken intolerant

Sorry mr green not wanting a debate or meaning to offend
You do have a tone in your replies itsnt it fair everyone is free to give an opinion ?
maybe its way I have read your posts rather forceful

I was just offering support to the poster swift google tells you how golden acres make their foods no secret but a good tool to help sell a product although can be misleading as all foods are steamed there.

I did mention Eden wasnt one I would choose based on my experiences of 80/20 recipes
hope the poster finds a food suitable

lou xx