Finding the right dry food

Hi there :blush:
I have a 15 month old cocker spaniel and I’m struggling to find the correct food for him. He came to us as a puppy on royal canin. I’ve heard bad things about this food so when he was 13 months old I changed him to wolfworthy.
He’d been on that for a few weeks when he suddenly started losing weight and making noises liking gipping and became unsettled in an evening, like he may have tummy ache.
His motions were fine and his coat still lovely but something didn’t feel right.
Went to the vets, he was checked over and was told to put him back onto puppy food until he’d gain weight then try a new food.
We started last Saturday wainwright’s superfood with duck, which he seemed to enjoy (still feeding royal canin as introducing wainwrights slowly) until a couple of days ago when he decided he’d leave the wainwright’s but only eat the royal canin.
Anybody have any ideas on a good kibble.
Thank you

Hello @Lula and welcome to the AADF

there is few things you can do - you can make his food a bit more exciting by adding some toppers while changing the ratio of new to old dry food and paws crossed, he will eat everything

or you can try different food altogether - for that you can use our website and its filters to narrow down the options and choose based on your preference and budget. Note - some brands do tester/welcome packs to try :slightly_smiling_face:

Best of luck with your search,

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Have you given ava sensitive skin and stomach white fish ago.
I have 3 dogs on it and its amazing.
One is a working breed (border collie) and we get nothing but complements about there coats.
Hope this helps

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