Struggling to find the right food for my Sprocker Spaniel

I have a 2 year old Sprocker Spaniel. He has a combination of having a sensitive stomach and also struggles to maintain his weight. He is very active (we take him out for 60+ minutes per day during the week and 120+ minutes on the weekend).

We have been feeding him Millies Wolfheart Endurance Mix for the past 12 months as this was recommended for weight maintenance. This worked well for that, but his poos were so hit and miss and he had diarrhoea very often.

We decided to try him on a ‘lighter’ Millies Wolfheart blend, but he immediately dropped a lot of weight. We’ve had to bump up his portions to try and put weight back on, which is working slowly, but he is going for 3-4 massive poos per day. It feels like the weight gain is slow because he just poos most of the food out.

I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a different food to try? I’m considering raw etc.

He could be pooing re intolerance to something in the food ,try naturaw my dogs love it and they make a complete food called forage

My cocker spaniel is now 8.5 years old and is still an active dog. At 2 years old most spaniels are still very active and hyper. It’s very normal. I still walk my dog an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon but sprockers tend to still need more. I have tried many different foods over the years, all grain free, and have always ended up on kibble mixed with wet food. I have tried raw twice in the past but my dog always had a problem on it. I have just recently changed her kibble to Devoted with a small amount of Years and she is really enjoying it. I think first of all you need to decide what type of food you want your dog to eat. Raw, kibble or fresh? My dog has always been on a grain free diet and can only have a kibble that’s 70/30 or 60/40 in ratio and is made up of just one protein. For instance any kibble that has an 80/20 ratio and has a mixture of duck and lamb is too rich for her. It takes time and two years old is still very young but I I would try a complete raw diet first. It is the best choice although my dog just didn’t like it. Make sure you visit a good pet shop that knows their stuff - not Pets At Home but somewhere that has proper food knowledge. Your dog could have a tolerance to a protein so they always advise starting on tripe and then moving onto a protein such as rabbit. Good luck and it does get easier. I promise.

Hi, I have a border collie that i spent the first year of his life trying ro find a food that wouldnt upset his tummy.
We finally did it after alot of trial and error.
Please give AVA sensitive skin and stomach white fish ago.
It was a game changer for us, he pooped normally the veey same day and he now get everyone looking at him and me wow how do you keep his coat so shiny.
Its an amazing food that i now have 3 dogs on and would always choose it and recommend it to anyone having problems.
Hope this helps and you’re little pooch gets sorted.