Any small dog Milles Wolfheart Feeders?

Interested in peoples experiences with feeding Millies. I really like their food and am happy to that degree, however I have relatively small dogs (8kg) and (7kg), and to maintain their weight - even on the 70/30 range I have to reduce the amount I feed in comparison to the minimum feeding guidelines. Would be really interested if anyone else has this issue? Also interested to hear from anyone who has fed the Tracker Mix - I am tempted but it just seems so low in fat. I want to feed a good quality food, but on looking around the high protein tend to have high levels of fat even though have low carb content seem to be the cause of mine gaining weight - TIA

Hello and welcome to the forum. I once bought one bag of Millie’s Wolfheart food and it was the Tracker Mix. I selected it because I had three small dogs, two of them with a tendency to weight gain. TBH I didn’t use it for long enough to form a proper opinion but IIRC their weight control seemed OK whilst they were on it. However, I gave nowhere need the amount advised - if I had done I am sure the dogs would have put weight on.

My experience of high quality kibble is similar to yours. Prior to the MWH trial I once used a high quality kibble i.e. high protein/fat and even though I gave considerably less than the RDA my two piled weight on in no time at all. Lesson learned and I have since avoided that category of products. The food that I now use is not extruded and has a modest fat/protein of 10.9%/25.7%. They have the lower end of the RDA with a top up of lean protein.

High fat/protein kibbles are good if you have a young, energetic dog or one that doesn’t put weight on. However, for the more sedentary, older pet they might not be the best choice particularly if they put weight on easily. The amount fed can be reduced but that can be problematic if the dog is hungry.

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Fed my active Lab MWH Agility mix for a while…he didn’t put on any excess weight and I fed slightly over RDA.

Smaller dog hear has never been fed kibble in his life so can’t share my experience feeding MWH or other kibble to a small dog.

What I wil add is that MWH sell a variety of products which are often quite different from one another so do not base one particular food as representative of other products in their range.

Excellent customer service…give them a call & ideally speak to Mark (joint proprietor).

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