Millies Wolfheart Wet Food 70% meat?

Dottie what do you think

Well I was ordering my food today and spotted this.
I have quickly added to the food generator on here and its come up as 5*
I emailed Millies and within mins I got a price and due in a few weeks

6 x 395g - £13.30 = £2.21
12x 395g - £19.90 = £1.65
24 x 395g – £33.10=£1.38
to follow dependant on these recipes will be Tracker and Gamekeeper

Well thats amazing price and looks like I can fill someones kong with quality ingredients she will be happy

Hats off to Millies Wolfheart Team this beats any of the wet can ones rated here made in UK a bonus

Just a little thrilled!

Lou x

It is good to see a good quality wet food come on to the market so thank you for the information about this. The recipe looks good. The only comment that I would like to make is that in view of the moisture content it may be useful to work out the dry matter protein and fat if these are of importance to the owner. Often good quality wet foods are higher in fat and protein than dry foods and whilst this might not be an issue for a lot of dogs, for those of us who have pets that easily put on weight it can be something that needs attention. As with dry food, I find that weighing the product is helpful.

Totally agree Dottie
I just called and spoke to Mark they are bringing out a low fat tracker one so I will perhaps hold off till then as its a treat not her main food i put it in her kong you see so wouldnt want to add too much
now will have to wait a bit longer
be worth it

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Sorry - I must seem obsessed by weight. :-[ It’s just that before I fully understood about dry weight I got caught out with one particular wet food. This was a good while ago and it was a good product. My dogs began to put weight on fairly quickly and although I cut back it was a struggle to get it off them. It wasn’t until some time later and totally due to this website that I realised that although the analysis gives a low percentage it is not really the case once the moisture is removed. You are never too old to learn it seems.

If you include the trace elements when using the instant review it has two red ingredients, copper Sulphate and sodium Selenite and this lowers the rating to about 4.4 I think? However if you leave the trace elements part out it comes in higher… :-/

Are trace elements part of the analysis or part of the ingredients list? It may be that these substances occur naturally in one of the ingredients and are not necessarily added as an ingredient, which would likely move them out of “trace ingredients”

::slight_smile: i did the calculator based on ingredients as I presume this is how david the site owner does this to generate his ratings.

as you have already stated if all the dog foods reviewed on here were based on ingredients , vitamins and trace elements found in the food the whole site would need to be adjusted so all foods rated would change.

seems you have an issue with this trace element or is it an issue with how all foods are rated?or is it MWH EDEN and the others you mention gotta be a mighty list as nearly all foods have this trace element? what do you feed?

perhaps David will reply to you shortly on your other thread to clarify if ratings are based on ingredients or the full list with trace elements found, who knows may upset the whole way he rates food which will mean 5* foods will drop and also every other rate.

fact still stands I am thrilled that Millies have brought out a 70% meat wet food complete at such a good price

side by side other rated 70/30/0 wet tins I would think this is one that stands out.

Im one happy customer and I know my floss will be thrilled with her new kong filler when it comes in a few weeks
Lou x