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My lovely Cocker Spaniel, Barney, has been doing brilliantly on Millies Wolfheart kibble for the last 3 years. He has had various recipes over that time and enjoyed them all. Sometimes after a long period on 1 recipe (i always have 2 on the go, for a bit of variation) i notice a softening of his stools and then one of the nutritionists recommends switching recipes , as sometimes the dogs can develop an intolerance. Anyway, he has been having the Countryside recipe for the last year and doing great with no softening of his stools over that time. I had a new bag arrive last week, of the same recipe and instantly he started having problems with terrible diarrhea. I took him off for a couple of days and gave him a very plain diet of boiled rice and fish which settled everything down. I tried him back on the Millies yesterday and again the terrible diarrhea came back. I’ve called Millies as I suspected there may be an issue with the batch but having conducted their own investigation, they said they found no issues and other bags of the same batch have gone out without complaint. I don’t feel as if they have taken my complaint seriously, putting it down to an intolerance on my dog’s part. However, like I say he was fine on the recipe and all of a sudden he’s very much not with the new bag.
They won’t give me a refund as they feel that nothing is amiss their end and it has left me unsure of what to do regarding trying him out on a differnet recipe from Millies or taking my custom elsewhere.

Any advice would be great. Sorry for the moan in my first post!

Hello and welcome to the forum. Did you ask Millies if they changed the recipe in any way, when you contacted them? Sometimes companies make changes that people aren’t aware of.

It is very hard to say if there is a problem with the food as it may just be coincidence that your dog got ill at that time and sometimes intolerance’s do develop over time. . I hope Barney gets better soon and I hope you can find something that agrees with him.

No I didn’t ask them, but I will. He has other Millie’s food that he seems fine with, so I’ll keep him on that for now, whilst I find another suitable recipe to pair it with. He seems fine anyway now, so that’s the main thing.
Thanks for your advice.


I would also be asking re any changes.

If alleged facts are correct then, (if I were in that situation), I would think carefully before placing my next order.

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