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Hi Everyone,

My name is Jordana & I am owner or owned by my 10 month old Boxer called Saxon. I would really like some advice please as Im worried about Saxons diet. I currently feed him Eden which I mix with a bit of Natures menu wet canned chicken. His stools are firm in the morning but as the day goes on they are very runny and its impossible to pick it all up, which is embarrassing and awkward for me, especially when its outside someones house :o!! I have to take wetwipes with me in an attempt to clean up after him!! Ive done a little research and am thinking maybe it could be Pea protein?? or maybe he gets so excited that it makes him super soft???

Any help or advice would be lovely, Thank you x

Hi Jordana, I work for Eden.

There are two likely things here, one is that you are feeding slightly too much, try cutting back both foods by 10% and see if that helps, the second is a mild intolerance to one of the ingredients, most likely chicken, so it would be worth trying the Catch of the Day which is fish only, or Country Cuisine, that has not chicken or fish. I can’t really say for sure on the Natures Menu, which recipes to try, but follow a similar approach, or even cut out the wet completely for a while.

Eden doesn’t have pea protein, only pea fibre.

Feel free to join the Eden group or page on facebook, or phone/email the office directly for additional advice.

Hope this helps

Hi David,

Thank you for your response, I have messaged you before on FB, I do measure out his food & only feed him the catch of the day formula. I will stop the natures menu for now & see how he goes. Maybe it is over excitement??? oh how I wish for firm poo’s all the time…lol. Oh well I will message if I need more advice.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, if things don’t improve ask again, or you can always phone the office for advice.

One of my rotties has a problem eating fish (so it seems), that sets her off, but since putting her on Country Cuisine things have been perfect, my other Rottie is great on all 3 flavours

Hopefully with help from Eden your dog will soon improve. I agree with the excitement theory. Tend to find that they seem to push out that bit more and therefore a bit softer when they are more wound up. Perhaps it stimulates peristalsis in the gut.