Food/Supplements for firmer stools


New to the forum and whilst I have been searching other posts thought I might send one as interested to get feedback.
Have a 3/3.5 yr old female rescue (spayed) which we have had for 2 years.
From Spain originally (we are 2nd family) suspect she has mix of Spanish mastiff and Collie although need to do DNA test.
She has the worst habit in eating poo (her’s and other dogs - not all the time very mood dependant and if she is hungry).
Originally on Arden Grange (chicken) when we got her but we couldn’t afford that at the time.
Changed to Harrington Turkey + Veg (dry) but she always seemed super hungry, coat not very shiny, soft stools etc.
Tried adding Sardines once a week as recommended this deterred poo eating - no such luck. However, coat improved and seemed less hungry ie. not begging when humans were eating.
Tried Harrington Just 6 (gradual change over) - no good, watery stools, coat became like straw and shed massively.
Went back on Harringtons Turkey and Veg with a d wet/dry mix (Butchers). Seemed to be better but gained a lot of weight.
Currently she’s on Fishmongers Finest (white fish and potato) - coat super soft, appetite is good and not begging for food. Doesn’t always look to eat poo either just sniff it.
However, her stools are massive, frequency has increased and whilst at the beginning they were firm, have now become soft/softer as day goes on.
Tried reducing quantity and adding a couple of handfuls of Harrington Turkey and Veg but not really making impact.
Overall she has been on Fishmongers Finest for about 4-6 weeks.

Is best to continue being patient and perhaps may gradually improve - or are there any supplements or extras I could add to food to help firm up stools? (carrots seems to give her even softer stools from experience).

I kinda like Fishmongers Finest as British brand (maybe naive here), within budget and when she has eaten something and usually gets runny stools, the pre/probiotics appear to have made a difference.

Suppose just looking for any advice from others.

Many Thanks

Hi, you can add sweet potato to your dogs food to help with firmer poo. Pumpkin purée is also good, that can be bought from Waitrose in tins. Mine has sweet potato and it really helps.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Kim’s advice is good (thank you) and might be helpful so well worth a try. Fishmonger’s finest is reviewed here. It’s a decent product and fish is often helpful for dogs with digestive issues. I can’t say for sure but I am wondering if your dog might have an issue with the white potato. AFAIK it’s not a common intolerance but the only way to find out is to choose a fish product based on sweet potato, not white. The one that springs to mind is Europa grain/potato free. It is a higher end product so you might need to feed a little less. Supplement wise I would advise you to try a canine specific probiotic such as YuDigest (there are others).

Hi. We moved our dog to a raw/frozen diet and he hasn’t had one loose or wet poo in over a year now.
We tried many of the chaeper brand dry kibble foods and his poo was always very smelly and a bit slimy.
Natures menu frozen nuggets have helped him out. I’m sure other brands might work too. Just be sure to add something fiberous as on it’s own, it can be a little lacking in fibre and make their poos too hard.