Fishmongers finest

I am presently feeding this food to my 6 month old golden retriever he has had issues with E. coli,guardia and recently campylobacter.
He seems to like this food but we are finding his poos are huge and still very soft even after clear results.
Can anyone recommend a good food for dog with sensitive stomach.
Also vet has recommended that I now start to find a food lower in protein to help growing joints slow down.
Fishmongers finest is 30% so need something less than that.
Any advice much appreciated.

Are you feeding Fishmonger’s Finest Adult? That review is here. It has 32% potato plus beet pulp so maybe these are contributing to the bulk and softness of the poo. However, your dog has had multiple pathogens and is quite young so it might take a little while longer for the digestive system to settle down. My friend’s dog has recently had campylobacter and the poo is still soft at the moment, even though treatment has finished.

Looking at the review, there are some advantages to leaving things as they are:

  • The recipe for this food is quite simple and fish is a good, digestible source of protein.
  • You mentioned joint health and this food contains glucosamine and chondroitin which is added specifically for this.
  • Changing food when a dog is, or has been ill is not a good time. It could make things worse, at least in the short term.
  • Overfeeding - the symptoms you describe are typical of overfeeding so make sure you weigh the food accurately and be aware that the recommended daily allowance figures are often too high for some dogs.
  • Pre/probiotic - start him on a good pre/probiotic. Perhaps something like Lintbells YuDigest might help.

Regarding the protein, it sounds right for the age of your dog. There is a thread here about feeding large breed puppies. There are other ones too and these can be found by looking at the bottom of that page (similar threads) or by using the search box at the top of this page. Your pup still has some growing to do and needs good quality protein in the right amount. This is particularly important in view of the fact that he has been so poorly.

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Hi Dottie.
Thank for your reply, I’m currently still feeding him the Puppy White Fish and potato,looking to move onto the adult in a months time, he is currently 22kg and was feeding the appropriate amount measured every morning and given during the day, BUT I do think that the prescribed, amount to be fed daily of an expected adult weight of 25 to 40 kg, which he will be is 445 to 555g. This does to me seem a little high for his digestive system… ? I currently feed him 350 to 400g…he loves his food,so any further advice much appreciated.

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Fishmonger’s Puppy is reviewed here. You are being careful about the amount so we can probably discount overfeeding. I used to feed a similar product a few years ago and IIRC I found that stools were bulky. I suspect that it was the potato and pea flour. I now use products with brown rice as it good for intestinal health and in my dogs it produces a firm stool, not too bulky.

I wonder if you would like to check out the cold pressed foods that contain brown rice? Some of the ones from Markus Muhle contain ingredients which they add to improve intestinal health (eg dried moor/dried peat/green mineral clay). We have a lengthy thread on these foods on the forum. The Markus Muhle varieties are NaturNah, Red Deer and Black Angus. The UK companies who sell MM varieties are Gentle and Guru. Protein is usually circa 27%.

They are quite different to kibble. Feeding quantity is based on percentage of desired body weight and age. The amount fed is usually smaller than kibble because the products are dense. They are all age products so no need to change food as puppy grows - you merely adjust the quantity. Transition should be very gradual - Guru website has good, clear advice about this, along with a slider for calculating feeding amount.

Hopefully further advice will be offered by other members.

Many thanks once again Dottie for your reply, I did used to give him forthglade but that didn’t suit him, it was at the time though when we had just been diagnosed with Guardia, so it may have been that and not knowing, I will take a look at the websites and have a good read, Many thanks.


Forthglade cold pressed food is not made by Markus Muhle. However, I can see why you are hesitant to try this type of food again. If you could let me know what type of food you are looking for I can do a search. Would you prefer grain free? If so, it might be worth looking for sweet potato as the carb source. What type of meat source do you prefer?


Before we realised he had guardia he was on Simpsons chicken and fish from the breeder but we got the soft poos and didn’t at the time know he had all these bugs so we weaned him off it and went onto a chicken and rice which didn’t suit him at all hence the fish and potato diet, ideally with such a sensitive digestion I know this is going to take time, so it’s really a question of finding him a food with one protein source, grain free, and easy to digest and to give us firm stools…maybe a big ask at the mo…?..

Fishmonger’s fits the criteria that you mention. Using the filters grain free, rating 4-5, protein sub 30% and no red ingredients, the Dog Food Directory returned six possibilities, not all single source protein though:

Barking Heads Grain Free (three varieties)
Seven Grain Free small breed and puppy large breed
Platinum Adult Iberico + Greens
Simpsons Premium Adult Sensitive (four varieties)
Wainwrights Grain Free Adult (four varieties)

Of those, the Barking Heads Fish-n-Delish has only fish and contains no white potato. Wainwright’s contains circa 12% white potato. Platinum is semi moist and contains pork, which might be a novel protein to your dog.

Maybe have a look at these and see if you think any of them might fit the bill.