Help! Need advice on feeding my pup!

hey guys!
I have a 7month old Lab pup who seems to have a sensitive tummy and wanted advice on what dry food to feed as his poo is always runny. He was on natures way but my pet shop stopped stocking it so we tried one recommended online called CSJ. But hes back on the chicken and rice now and my garden is looking dodgy. Someone said maybe james wellbeloved. Just looking for some suggestions and possibly food that doesnt cost too much.


If you want a dry food then millies wolfheart is a good one, they have lots of varieties and are very good for advice on the phone. :slight_smile: not too expensive, in my opinion.
My Red setter had a sensitive tummy and was very thin, and did not do very well on dry, loose tummy etc,and was advised on raw , so is now on raw and doing much better than on dry , and is putting on a bit more weight. Just a thought . Not much fun when they are on the loose side.
I hope that you can sort out the problem with his food.


Hello and welcome to the forum. Could you tell us if his stools were runny on the natures way, or has it just been since you had to change?


CSJ & Natures Way are not products in their own right…just a brand names…Both brands have many different foods of varying compositions. So often members post having a brand issue after feeding just one product from an entire range.

It is worth trying to rule out health issues 1st…particularly if stools loose on sensible portions chicken & rice.

I fed JWB fish & rice when he was a few months old…stool output was loose.


Hello tillydimond and welcome to the forum!

How they do worry us at times, these pooches! Isn’t it frustrating when a product is no longer stocked especially a food that has previously been eaten without causing issues. If this is Nature’s Way puppy food and your dog has done well on it then it’s as well to be aware that that particular food does not have any maize (corn) or wheat in it, has 1 protein, namely chicken and is free from soya, dairy, artificial additives and with no added salt or sugar.

With this in mind and if your pup has been well on that food it may be prudent to take a look at the allaboutdogfood dog food directory which is here: and use the filter called “Avoid ingredients” to tick the box “all red ingredients” which will then avoid all foods which have any (or a combination of) “Artificial additives”, “Added sugars”, “Added salt”, “Soya”, “Dairy products”, “Wheat”, “Maize”.

If you also use the filters to add your pup’s age (in the “Dog’s Age” drop down menu box) of “7 months” and your dog’s breed of “Labrador Retriever” and then press on the green “GO” box, there will be several results of suggested foods. You can filter these further by “Highest Rating” or “Lowest Cost”, etc using the “Ranked by” filter.

If you might prefer to remain with 1 protein (eg chicken) and/or you suspect there may be a particular ingredient which may not be agreeing with your dog, then you can also tick any of the other boxes with named ingredients that you wish to also avoid feeding.