Alternatives to Hills Prescription Z/d

My 18 month old Rottie had food tolerance issues from the moment I got him back in Feb 2023. His stools were always very soft and he was prone to sickness and diarrhoea. At the start I fed him Royal Canin (Rottweiler specific) because he had been on Royal canin whilst with the breeder. I moved him onto James Wellbeloved in Jun 2023 but his condition remained the same. We had some real issues with his sickness and diarrhoea in Q3 and we ended up putting him on Hills hypoallergenic which was a disaster causing really bad diarrhoea. We ended up on Hills Prescription Z/d which was a godsend as it sorted him out straightaway. The food is very expensive as it costs me £220 every three weeks and is not always in stock. I therefore want to change him to something more affordable and more available. Any ideas please ?

Have you ever considelrd raw food just short term to do a test to see if things improved iv heard so many good reviews regarding it and intolerance may be its worth a try .

Or if not any hydrogolised dog food

Thanks Yvonne. Should have mentioned that we think he has an aversion to meat and fish so a veggie option maybe the best way to go. Any ideas?

Royal canin hydrogolised it’s soya based no meat or fish but may be simular in price as what you pay check on line for the best price.hope it helps as a dog needs protein to survive not just veg .Hope you get sorted out OK.


Scrumbles do a veggie dog food maybe have a look on there website and see if they can help.