Appropriate dry dog food for large breed (Rottweiler)

Finding a new suitable dog food for a Rottweiler (3 years old).

Hi all,

I’m wondering if someone could help with suggestions, or perhaps I am not using the search filters correctly.

For context, my Rottweiler initially started on Royal Canin maxi puppy, changing to the maxi adult. About a year into the maxi adult, we must’ve got a bad bag and he vomited after eating it each time. I then went away and did a bit of research and settled on the gentle dog food original, each time switching the bags and alternating between the gentle dog fish and the gentle dog goat variants.However, whilst we were on the gentle dog fish variant, he then became quite ill, wasn’t eating, shivering, had a very high temperature, and had to spend the weekend at the hospital, the suspected diagnosis was pancreatitis. And so, since then, i’ve kept him on strictly the gentle dog original considering it is much lower in carbs than the other two, assuming that that must’ve been a contributing factor.

Now, it has been around 3 months or so of being strictly on the gentle dog food original, and it seems he may have picked up some intolerances that have shown themselves in the form of dandruff, and also having quite a dirty coat that gets dirty much faster than ever before, the best I can describe it as is after you stroke him, there’s almost a film on your hand, that when you rub your hands together, shreds away the same way a rubber would when you use it.

And so, now I am at a loss of trying to find a new dog food for my rottweiler using the filters, I am trying to find a similarly priced one if possible, but also, one of a similar rating that isn’t chicken (or at least not solely chicken), and that isn’t grain free.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you in advance.


Have you tried AVA sensitive skin and stomach?
Its amazing for skin problems,tummy problems etc.

Its not grain free but is no added grain.
I have my border collie, Staffordshire bull terrier and dogue-de-bordeaux on it and they are thriving on it.

Hope this helps and good luck.