im Louise I have a BC we call floss she is 3 now and we do agility as a hobby not very good at it but we try she is chicken intollerent and we have struggled to find a food without it even salmon foods have it in this label checking is a nightmare anyway we have ordered ranger mix from Mwh and we will see what she thinks when it comes later today do any of you feed it?

Hello Louise and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear about your dog’s chicken intolerance. You lost me on the Ranger mix MWH - can you let us know what that is please?

hello dottie
Mwh = Millies Wolfheart and its a food we are trying later today fingers and paws crossed

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Hello and welcome Louise,
Chicken intolerance is a pain as it is in so many foods. I wish you all the best with the new food.

Thanks we are day 3 on Millies Ranger Mix and my BC loves it no bottom issues will see if the itching etc slows and stops high hopes I know but so far so good early days yes chicken is in every thing isnt it labelling nightmare dont know how companies can say salmon and potato yet have high percentage of chicken and chicken fat glad ive found Millies we will slowly work through them to see which she likes nice to have a variety for different activity levels .

Eden have 2 chicken free and 1 chicken and fish free variety

:frowning: As you have followed me to promote the food you sell (WHICH IS A BIT SPOOKY)

If you had read my post on another thread ,I stated Eden was not a food I would try I am happy with the one I have found and a variety too although early days all seems fine.

your very forceful and you seem to only be here to promote a food you sell

N.B: it may put people off with your tone and I dont see other retailers here promoting their foods maybe they are more professional or dont have the time to come to the forum.

enjoy your day I am off to agility practice

lou xx

The moderators are currently seeking guidance on this issue of promoting products on this forum. My own feeling is that it normal behaviour for people to want to advise others to feed one particular product, particularly if there is a business involved. However, it is rarely helpful to the member because it does nothing in the way of educating them. As a temporary measure I have issued general guidelines on advising others and these can be found here.

so again Dottie should I remove my Hi or are you referring to the retailer of another brand advertising on my hello
its rather confusing if we can not mention the food we use and why we came to the review site for help and reflect on our experiences rather new to forums so maybe I dont undertand your rules? Is it only moderators who can mention brands when we post? confused? I will happily change my post if needs be I was so thrilled with David the website owners advice and site i didnt read fully the rules :-[
luv lou xx

No Louise, please do not change your posts - they are very useful, particularly with your practical experience of that particular breed of dog. I merely issued those very general guidelines (and that is all they are) to remind us that prescribing one particular food is one thing but the member is likely to learn more about the subject if we say why we feed what we do. Your post explains this perfectly because you see the difference in the performance of your dog. That is much better than telling owners to feed something but without any information as to why.

I do it myself because I like cold pressed food particularly the one I use so I aim to try to say a bit about why I choose this.

Thank you for your help on the forum - you have some useful and helpful knowledge. :slight_smile:

Thankyou, being a lady of a certain age that I am , forums are new to me so I was worried id done something wrong I can only comment on my experiences with my BC and hope it helps I have no background only in my own research for something to suit my wee floss
thankyou for your explanation I will try to keep my posts supportive and unbias I read all thats posted only comment if its relevant or helpful :slight_smile:

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My apologies Louise, I only commented on all your posts as they appear at the top of the forum as a “recent posts” section.

I was initially replying to your mention of Eden, which didn’t seem unfair at the time, and I allowed myself to get carried away.

I have had a brief chat with Dottie and I will be more careful with my replies in future


:-X warning millies wolfheart convert :-X
We have been on Ranger Mix since beginning of Dec 2014
Her weight is back up to near normal, skin health happy bottom all around thrilled
Now do I stick or spin
Do I plump for a new recipe plenty to choose from or stick with whats working?
Whats your thoughts guys
I spoke to Mark he suggested trying a few samples and maybe sticking at least for another bag before we try something else which is cautious as he know what madam is like.
I am feeling brave and confident in the products but wondered if you all stick to one flavour or mix and match
Lou x