The big question: What do you feed?

This is the big one - a What do you feed poll!

Please try to stick to the foods that make up the core of your dog’s diet on a day-to-day basis. You can vote for up to 5 foods.

I have entered all of the most viewed foods from the site but if yours isn’t here, just comment below and I’ll get it added to the list for you.

Can’t wait to see the results!

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It might be obvious to everyone else but wasn’t to me - you need to register to vote…


Yes indeed. Apologies for not making that clear. It just helps to prevent multiple votes from the same source which has been a problem previously with so many vested interests out there.

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Just started feeding Lukullus wet, and my dog loves it. Can you please add it?

Except for a recent short break I’ve fed cold pressed Gentle for approximately eight months. The dogs have done well on it, particularly the one with dry skin and poor coat.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve added Lukullus to the list.

In regard to other thread on ‘white label’ - pet shop own brand added please?

Good point Pagasus. Done.

I feed my German Shorthaired Pointer on Eden and have done so for well over a year. She thrives on it and is a very active 9 year old. A bag lasts her a little over a month. We also buy their cat food for our little ginger psychopath.

Nor can I, I keep coming back for another look.

I answered Nutriment and Natural Instinct - I recently started including a couple of NI varieties in rotation with the 4 Nutriment varieties, just to give more variation, in the the veg as well as the meat.

Incidentally, I wonder if the results that are showing in bold type on my screen are supposed to represent my votes… only, they did at first but at some point it changed so that I’m seeing bold type for Millies Wolfheart & Natures Menu, ie the ones immediately above those I voted for. Perhaps it altered when the 2 new choices were included lower down.

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Normally on own brand Grain Free, Country Hunter tins & nuggets and Arden Grange Partners Grain Free, but having fed pfoody Kangaroo recently they expect that all the time

Gosh, that’s another one I hadn’t heard of. The list of dog food gets ever longer. Having just looked it up, for anyone who is interested, an explanation of Pfoody is here and yes, there really is a Kangaroo variety! :o

I feed raw but i dont see an others option

Does ‘raw food - home prepared’ not fit the bill?

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Sorry, none of those. I feed on Husse and I’m very impressed.

It’s now on the list. Many thanks!

A couple of people I shared the link with on FB are telling me they aren’t getting the confirmation email when they try and register. The site was down for a time yesterday, is there still a problem?

Hi David. There does seem to be some issue with registering. While some members are able to register and log in without a hitch, some never receive the activation email and some can’t even get past the registration page in the first place. I will continue to look for a solution today. Please apologise to your FB friends for me. The site being down on Friday was an unrelated issue with our host - apparently quite a few of their sites went down. They say they have fixed it now.

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As mentioned in this thread I agree with Schnauday’s comment: “The problem is most participating in it already have an interest in what food to feed so you’d expect grain free, raw, home prepared to be slightly on the higher side.”
I suspect that if the poll was done with the dog owning population at large the results would be very different. Many of us are interested in dog food so that might skew the results.

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Oh dear I’m having a bad day. I thought I’d posted that reply on this thread ::slight_smile: Never mind it fits on both threads ;D

Just in the short time I’ve owned a dog and participating in forums I’ve noticed the shift to raw. I have to admit I’d never really thought about dog food quality and went along with what the breeder recommended. Of course he came home with the advertising puppy pack from Royal canin with freebies and I was taken in.

I then found out about raw from forums, which to tbh I’d never heard of before. The poll is making very interesting viewing. The problem is most participating in it already have an interest in what food to feed so you’d expect grain free, raw, home prepared to be slightly on the higher side.