Millie's Wolfheart

We currently have one or two threads from members who either feed Millie’s Wolfheart or are thinking about doing so. I therefore thought it might be useful to have it as a separate thread to which people can add their experiences of the brand. I have to say that I have no knowledge of this range of dog foods other than what I have read on this, and on the company’s own website.

Millie’s Wolfheart website is here. Their product advice telephone numbers are 08006124655 / 01535 280319. The telephone lines are open 10am - 5pm Monday to Thursday and 10am - 4pm on Friday. The company is situated in the Yorkshire Dales. All of their products are grain, egg and chicken free. From a quick glance, the filler/carbohydrate source is mainly sweet potato which I understand to be a good one. Eight of their products are reviewed in depth on the Dog Food Directory of this website. The star rating is between 4.1 and 5. I have just read that there are actually now 14 recipes.

One thing that puzzles me is their product naming system. They just don’t mean anything to me and do not seem descriptive of the product. By the side of the names there is the ratio of protein/vegetables etc which is useful. However, I don’t know if that will mean much to the general dog food buying public. I might be missing something so am wondering what other people make of the naming system? With all those products on offer the prospective purchaser needs to spend a fair bit of time reading through the ingredient lists and typical analysis. I suppose the easier method of selection would be to telephone the company and that is what I would do.

The turkey variety which is lately reviewed on this website and earned 5 stars is classed as working so is VAT free. I am not sure if all the varieties are thus classified but cost wise they seem OK for a quality dog food. Looking forward to hearing more of their products from users.

Yes Dottie, all their foods are classed as Working dog, as classified by HMRC

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Hi Dottie, their recipes are simply named
I asked this question once in an email I can not find the reply but its simply a name ‘obedience’ wont make your dog obedient :-[ by all accounts its really just names.

They work develop their recipes based on performance nutrition so looking at quality ingredients, stamina ,activity levels etc I recall that from a chat with the owner Mark [no reps at Millies you speak to the owners and their family]

They are helpful if you call and their feeding guide online has a fab activity chart to help select a food.

I must say I am a convert in such a small time they have been helpful, they know their recipes inside out and they are easy to speak to straight talking no waffle.

Yep its a working and sporting dog food but anyone can buy it not like your frisked going into a pet shop for your dogs id and sporting or working cv is it? ::slight_smile:

I think its best to call them but email worked for me originally as I had so many questions

They have an open facebook thingy page although I am not on facebook too old for that now hard enough using this forum for a lady of a certain age but anyone can read it by all accounts ?

What suits one dog may not suit all so its great we have a variety to choose from now a days
Its highly recommended on many of the forums and in the agility world which I compete in.
this is based on my experiences so far and so far im impressed!

Hope that helps

Oh I feed Ranger Mix for my BC she loves it and I dont see me changing for a while its such a relief to feel confident in her feeding now and focus on fun stuff

luv Lou

PS oh and I do hope David the owner of the site will look at their new improved recipe I did the food translater thingy and their Hunter Mix which is 80/20 is a 5* rated one [my dog didnt do well on a 80/20 before so will not be trying it myself but its worth a mention isnt it]

Thank you for pointing out the feeding guide/activity chart Louise. Here it is.

I love it but have struggled to find a variety that completely suits Arthur my pointer. He looks well enough on it and did lose some weight (desired) but his stools were too soft the 2nd one is not easy to pick up- ( sorry if too much information). I’ve tried him on a couple of their 70:30 mixes (Countryside and Salmon/veg) and a couple of their 60:40 mixes (Riverside and Farmers Mix) I also have the Obedience Mix waiting to try but all have the same results so far. Millies say if stools are soft its because you are feeding too much and thats what Mark suggested until I told him Arthur only gets 85g twice a day with a couple of blobs of wet which is way under the recommended amount for his size. We also tried more kibble and less wet then with no wet and kibble with raw mince but the result has stayed the same. I’m going to ring him again soon and see if he thinks a mix with less vegetables would be better - they do a couple of 80:20. If not I shall have to give up with Arthur although my other two do very well on it. So far the best food for Arthur is Pro Plan Digestion which does result in firm poo but I hate feeding him it given its poor reviews.

My dog, 40kg Alsatian-mix, liked their salmon food. However, they completely botched an order I placed and I then had a terribly unpleasant experience with their customer service trying to resolve the matter.

Life is too short to buy a product regularly from companies that treat customers poorly, and so I moved on to another brand.

That is a shame, particularly as your dog was doing well on the food. As you say, customer service is important and as you are unhappy, going elsewhere seems to be the sensible thing to do.

BTW the company has their own Facebook page for anyone who wants more information.

my experience with them has been outstanding email and speaking to them over the telephone

If you have a question a simple email or call is appropriate I would think.

I am not on facebook either but have had no issues with calling or emailing with swift replies and they showed great patience with me and my questions and worries before I picked a recipe.

My 2 deliveries were swift i felt in control as its DPD I was out yesterday at hospital due to an accident and i changed it to today and it came on time within an hour slot nice DPD lifted it in as my shoulders giving me jip.

I am not defending them, just giving a fair opinion of my experience so far and so far I am impressed

Lou x

That’s good news Louise - always useful to have a balanced view.

Same here Louise, can’t speak highly enough of their speed and efficiency. I paid the extra postage for next day delivery on my first order but from then on didn’t bother as it always comes on the 2nd day anyway. I’ve found them to be extremely helpful. Just a shame the food doesn’t suit all of my dogs.

Oh derrrr me this will be the best place sorry for my earlier post but Indie may be able to offer thoughts

:-X warning millies wolfheart convert :-X
We have been on Ranger Mix since beginning of Dec 2014
Her weight is back up to near normal, skin health happy bottom all around thrilled
Now do I stick or spin
Do I plump for a new recipe plenty to choose from or stick with whats working?
Whats your thoughts guys
I spoke to Mark he suggested trying a few samples and maybe sticking at least for another bag before we try something else which is cautious as he know what madam is like.
I am feeling brave and confident in the products but wondered if you all stick to one flavour or mix and match
Lou x