Millies Wolfhart Convert - Excellent Choice

Hi Everyone

After extensive reading I thought I would post my results. I have a 7 month old Labrador retriever.

Since I got him I kept him on what the breeder recommended GA Product named Grain free Salmon vegatables.

At just before 6 months I transferred him onto Millies Wolfhart Salmon & Veg.

1st week over a gradual change his tummy was ok. Once he was on milles full time he started with soft runny poo. I wasnt concerned because i knew it would take time to adjust.

one thing i started to notice was definetley less bowel movement. went from 3 large poos a day to two smaller poos a day.

2nd week his poos started to be solid in the morning but soft later on in the day.

3rd week practically perfect poos apart from the odd one out the whole week.

4th week and were flying.

As being a labrador he literally would eat anything but is loving this food. I would definetley recommend the brand.

I read alot of posts and it seem to me alot of people dont give new foods the appropiate time. I had decided prior to starting Millies I would give it at least 3 months before even thinking of change. Unless he was serious sick or ill.

Thank you Millies I have one very happy dog