Hello from George

Hello everyone,

Having sat here for 5 minutes wondering what on earth to say about myself, I have come to the conclusion that I’m not very interesting! My dogs, on the other hand, have all been interesting.

I’ve owned at least one dog, sometimes 2 or 3, at a time, for most of my life, and as I’m now retired that’s a very long time and quite a lot of dogs, from mixed-breeds to standard poodles, labradors and terriers. My latest and currently only dog is a very cheeky little cavalier boy, who has turned out to be the most difficult to feed of the lot - he’ll eat anything and everything but it’s taken nearly a year to find a food that agrees with his tummy (and ears, and eyes…). I think he’s finally settled on Nutriment, fingers crossed.

My huge thanks to David for the website, which has taught me far more than I realised I needed to know and been the most invaluable help in getting my little boy settled at last, and now for this forum, which I’m sure will be both interesting and useful, especially for facebook-refusers like me.

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Hi George
I am glad you finally found a good food. I was possibly going to try nutriment soon but its complicated re delivery with it being frozen. Also having one dog, I may not be able to use it up. At the moment I am trying natures menu to see how my terrier likes raw. So far so good.

Hello George - lovely to meet you. What an interesting life you have had with all those different breeds of dog. I too have had many years of dog ownership but it has all been with terriers. I’m glad your Cavalier likes Nutriment - I started mine off on it just last week. It was because I am having trouble controlling their weight so it is something of an experiment. Never fancied raw tbh. I agree with you about the AADF website - it has taught me a massive amount about feeding too.

Thank you George for signing up! I’m really glad that the site has helped and I’m sure your wealth of experience with dogs will be a real help for other dog owners on here.

Tinyplanets (an intriguing name, makes me think of the tiny planet I sometimes think I inhabit all by myself), I doubt you’d have any problem with Nutriment deliveries so long as you’re in mainland UK and have the freezer space. It works fine for me here in the Isle of Man, and arrives still frozen 48 hours after despatch. It’s next day for the mainland and the couriers have instructions to leave the parcel in as safe a place as they can find if you’re not in, so even if you’re out at work you could still order knowing it would be OK when you got home.

Dottie, delightful to meet you too. All those breeds of dogs… I forgot to mention (how could I?!) the rescued dalmatian - or the damnation as she came to be known, we loved her but what a handful she was. The poor soul was only 8 months old when we got her, had never been outdoors, and had been beaten. It took a long time, but she trusted us in the end, though she never quite got over her fear of women…

George - totally agree about delivery. I had my first one of Nutriment, 10 x 500g cartons last week and it was very well wrapped, all solidly frozen. Snag is that the charge was £6 something but I can well understand why and I am not complaining. I need to find out if it is cheaper to have a larger order but would have to purchase a second freezer to do this so we are on the lookout for a used one.

I’ve no problem emptying a carton within the 3 days of thawing because I have two Cairns eating it plus the little one having it added to her other food. Eventually I hope to get her on to it too. Unfortunately they cannot give a delivery time so it is a case of waiting in unless you are happy to have it left somewhere. Natures Menu sell nuggets of raw meals and I think it might be helpful for Nutriment to do something similar for those who, like Tinyplanets have the one, small dog. I’ve just posted about this idea on their Facebook page.

I order 20 cartons at a time, which completely fills one delivery box and costs the same minimum delivery charge, £6.50 I think. I get over the problem of the small amount I need each day by using a hacksaw to cut the 500g portion in half while still frozen and popping half back in the freezer.