Louise & Skye The Whippet

I am Louise. I have a 2 year old Whippet. I am from the Surrey area.
I have owned a Miniature Poodle (a family pet from the age of 16). My parents fed this on supermarket tinned food and I remember the dreadful smell of it!
I have also owned 2 Boxers. They were fed on Eukanuba from puppy to old age, going through the formulas. One dog had a healthy life and only had vet visits in the last few years. The other had many health problems and lived to 10. Dying of a brain cancer and also had other cancer lumps and many other health problems.
I now own my Whippet. She is so fast! I currently feed Nutriment (raw) she only likes the beef and salmon varieties. You can buy the Veg only and mix your own meat, so I do that sometimes. If my dog has been on a longer walk she is extra hungry and I top up with Eden. Eden is safe to mix with raw (some dried are not!). Eden entirely does not suit my dog, it is too rich for her.
The breeder had put her on Hills and I knew I did not want to carry on with this food and knew I had to do some research. This is when I found this site and have never looked back!
I am really looking forward to helping people on the Forum.
I am amazed at what David has achieved with this site (and his work highlighting the profit makers in this industry that have no compassion for the health and well being of our beloved pets). I still love comparing the different foods!
Bye for now. Louise :slight_smile:

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Great to have you along Louise! I’ll look forward to reading your posts.

Hello Louise. Lucky you having a young Whippet - they are lovely dogs. We have dog food in common as I too have just started on Nutriment and am hoping that it will be extra good for my dogs, particularly when it comes to keeping their weight at a good level. Hope to hear more about you and your Skye. :slight_smile:

Hello Dottie
It is so lovely to be here and share info.
Which varieties of Nutriment does your dog like?
I have hopefully converted 2 new people to Nutriment this week. One was already feeding raw (Natural instinct) but I have got her to look at this site and compare. She is now going to try out Nutriment. Another friend is going to get the go ahead from her husband and switch to Nutriment.
Skye has been getting really hungry when just on the Salmon variety. I think I might have to give her Salmon in the morning and beef in the evening. She is barking at me for more food in the evening! She is not overweight at all but is eating too much really for her weight!
Lovely to hear from you.
Louise :slight_smile:

Thanks David (All About Dog Food)
The Forum is going to be great!
Thank you for all your hard work and time dedicated to the site, it is just getting better and better every day! :smiley:

We are kindred spirits Louise - I too like to look at labels and see what is in dog food. I did wonder if I was a bit sad! :-[ Perhaps not though. I have changed my dogs’ food in the past but given each one a good trial after examining the ingredients. It has always been for a good reason though. In this way I have learned about nutrition and what to look for although I am no expert.

My Cairns have just come off cold pressed Gentle which is a great food and on which they were doing well. AADF scores it highly too. The problem was that it is a dense food, therefore when you weigh it out there is much less of it in the bowl. This would be good for a dog with a poor appetite but not for mine. In addition, I could not get weight off them, despite cutting down to about 20% less than the minimum RDA. They have no treats and are exercised. Unlike your Whippet, Cairns have a tendency to gain weight, especially if neutered. They are small dogs so the weight doesn’t have far to go.

In desperation I decided to try raw with one of them and, like you am using Nutriment. I telephoned the company and was told that she would lose weight if not overfed. She has been having light and low purine and after just one week lost 170g. She has only a little more to lose then it is maintenance and for the first time I am considering upping her food. :slight_smile: I can only assume that it is the carbs that were (as the Nutriment lady said) ‘sticking to their ribs’. Two are on it now and are enjoying it. I have had a mixed delivery today so once the current cartons are finished they will have different types. Luckily they are not fussy eaters. I never ever thought that I would feed raw, despite all the stuff I have read about it. However, Nutriment makes it easy - no different to opening a can of dog food. That suits me fine.

BTW, regarding converting your friends onto Nutriment, do you know about the Friends referral scheme? Check on their website. If those people who you have managed to convert mention your name you can get £10 off your next order. I’ve told a few people about it but sadly, no referrals as yet.

Hi Dottie
Don’t worry, you are not sad. I am constantly looking at new foods and their content. When I go to a pet shop I like to have a good look around at packaging and it just confirms how good a food Nutriment is.
Yes I do know about the referral scheme thank you. I said to my Friend I am not telling her to switch as a pay out for me it is for her pocket and her dogs to be on an even better food. Luckily this site does clearly shows what we are trying to tell people! Which is great.
I have actually visited Nutriment in Camberley. I phoned them and said I was unsure about raw and they (Moddie) invited me to visit. I only went into their office, but they did let Skye have some tastes of food and she loved it! I initially took duck, salmon and beef and have now totally converted. They are such friendly, dedicated people and they love their dogs too. Their treats go down well too with the dogs. Skye loves the Venison treats. They are very strong smelling and you attract all the other dogs out on walks, which is funny. Not when they try to jump up and knock you over though! A very large Mountain dog nearly had me off my feet due to Venison treats - lol
Good luck with the Nutriment and chat again soon.
Louise :smiley: