Hi from North Wales


my name is Jo and I have 2 cairns, Bryan who is 13 in December and Poppy who is 2. we have had lots of different types of foods from reading reviews on here. We are currently feeding the Natures Menu complete raw foods, which we are very happy with! :slight_smile:

Hello Jo - welcome to the forum. The Cairn connection grows ever bigger - there are a few of us Cairnites on here so you are adding to our number. :slight_smile:

Hi Dottie,
As we already know each other from CCT forum, I think there will be a few more of us signing up to here too! :wink:

Hi Jo, Nice to see you here. Glad your gang are doing well on natures menu. I still feed it along with gentle and nutriment.

Hi Tinyplanets, we still have some gentle and Eden to finish off too, I find Bryan drinks an awful lot with the dry, even had him to the vets for tests as it was really worrying me. Hes a lot better on the raw :slight_smile:

Yes, Muffin drinks significantly less when she hasn’t had dry food. I tend to soak her gentle and freeze it in a kong. It really soaks up the water.

ive been putting lots of water in with the gentle, but I cant use the kongs, it would cause a fight, not worth the hassel!

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