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Hi all,
Im Sarah i have two dogs Lucy and Patch ,a cat Ozzie and some hens. My dogs and cats are all raw fed despite me not eating meat myself. I also co-owner of Paws Think Natural this was set up from mine and my business partner Kims experiences of feeding natural food and using homeopathy and supplements. There is an raw food workshop by Caroline Griffiths Spiritual Dog Trainer please could a moderator tell me if its ok to share things like this on here please ive tried to look up what is acceptable to post or not Thankyou :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum. Your business sounds very interesting indeed and I intend to have a look later. It is OK to provide a link to your website and announce talks/activities etc. It’s useful to spread information about such things so if you can explain a bit more about it I would be interested, and possibly there will be others who are too.

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Thankyou for the warm welcome Dottie.
Caroline Griffiths ( The Spiritual Dog Trainer) is doing Canine and Raw Feeding Seminars around the country.
We are delighted to be hosting Carolines only seminar in the Midlands on Saturday 23rd May 11.00am till 4.30pm at our premises in Stourbridge West Midlands. Its £39 per person including refreshments. The seminar covers

Learning what makes up the different types of pet foods available including raw and home made diets.
Being able to work out exactly what is right for your dog or dogs as individuals.
Knowing how to create home made real meat meals in balanced, healthy safe and cost effective ways.
Please contact us if you are interested or would like more info.

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Thank you. It sounds really interesting and I wish that I could go but I live too far away to make it viable. If you have time, I wonder if you would let us know what was said and how it went?

Hello and welcome to the forum.
It all sounds really interesting. I will have a good look later.

Thank you I will let you know how it goes Caroline does have other venues around the country too :slight_smile: