Hello all,
I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself.
I currently have a 4-year-old Cavalier dog but am hoping to add another dog to my household soon.
I work as a dog groomer and have done for the past 3 years. I’m currently studying for a diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition, which I hope to complete within the next few months. So, after a little while of lurking I’ve decided to sign up in the hopes of being able to give some advice and gather some differing opinions and views on nutrition.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,


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Hello and welcome to the forum Kiren,

It is nice to have you on board. It will be great to benefit from your studies and also your experiences feeding an itchy dog. :wink:

Thank you for joining us on the forum and I look forward to hearing from you in the future. It is always nice to have a newcomer and good to hear different views. It sounds as if you are very interested in nutrition so please join in with the discussions - it is good to hear other points of view. Can you tell me which course you are doing please?

Thank you both for the welcome :slight_smile:
The course I’m on is an NCFE Level 3 Canine health and nutrition. It’s a distance learning course that my work very kindly enrolled me on, and so far has proven very interesting as well as useful.


Thank you. If you have time, please could you tell us more about your course and the modules? I would really like to hear more. I am too old now to start doing courses but if I were younger I would certainly like to enrol on one. :slight_smile:

Sorry about taking so long to respond- I’ve been wrapped up in real life studies, a house move and all but forgot about this forum :-[

There are several units of studies, including: general health; nutritional basics such as required proteins, fats etc; different food groups and their requirements, an interesting topic of which is the addition of grains; allergies, intolerances and illnesses that affect the diet required and so much more.
Currently I’m working on a unit about raw feeding and whether or not supplementation is necessary. I saved this unit to last as my own dog is raw fed and to be honest with you I was fairly nervous about what I’d learn!

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That sounds really interesting. Thank you very much for taking the time out to keep us up to date. I would like to hear about the raw feeding module and whether it has affected your thinking about it. Please could you let us know?

Of course, I may do a post about raw feeding in due time, once I have officially completed the course.
Overall, it hasn’t affected my opinion of it and was actually quite positive. The only thing I’ve changed about my dog’s diet is the addition of more fruits, vegetables and fish. However he has had blood work done by vets previously so I did know he was getting all the required nutrients. It’s just nice for peace of mind.

I’d be interested in hearing about supplements and what they argue.

Mine is on a wet with added fresh for variety, as he has many intolerances. I try to go for variety as much as possible and only “supplement” probiotics and oils and herbs. He gets duck, turkey, salmon, occassionally eggs, potatos and sweet potatos, pumpkin, and different veggies as I have them.