Hello from Cornwall

I studied a correspondence course on canine nutrition and try to keep abreast of the good science on the raw versus kibble debate. I foster occasional for Many Tears Rescue and have had over twenty dogs through the house in the last four years. I have five resident dogs ranging one year Cypriot rescue Sabueso Espanol to elderly over weight one eyed PatterdaleI. I post regularly to the Many Tears forum on feeding issues as it a huge cost for the charity and many rescue dogs need dietary support. After consulting this site I have trialled cold pressed Markus Muller.

Hello Chris. What a useful resource you will be for this forum. It sounds as if you take nutrition very seriously and know a thing or two about it. Well done and also for looking after those poor dogs from Many Tears. Their stories are often truly heartbreaking. On the subject of cold pressed food, I have had mine on Gentle as I like the formula better. They did well on it and I really liked it but I have recently converted them to raw feeding (Nutriment) for weight control reasons. Would be interested to read of your opinions about Markus Mühle dog food. I did not know that there are courses on dog nutrition. I am interested in the subject but am not able to take up something like this. Would be nice to know more about the course.

Hi Chris, I fed Markus Muhle for a while and changed to gentle as it had brown rice as its main grain. I have to say, my dog did fine on both.

I have just changed to natures menu, probably just because I feel the need to give her some variety. She didn’t seem to mind the same dinner but she is really enjoying her new food.

My canine nutrition course was with Reaseheath College Cheshire but not sure if they still do it.
The cold pressed feed seems good and you are supposed to be able to feed less which is interesting as the calories quoted are a little less than the 3900kcal of most kibble. As it is rice based I am giving it a break and using Vitalin adult maintenance which I can buy cheap from Mole Valley Farmers as it is potato based. I live in a rural area with a fantastically successful butcher from whom I get local chicken carcasses, ox heart and liver and lights. This makes up one raw meal a day. Sometimes buy a cod head and cook and pick out bones. At moment my two bitches are supplementing with faller apples, hazelnuts and raids on the donkey feed, my boys are more fussy.

Thank you for the information. I really liked the Gentle and would not have wanted to change but it has 28% brown rice. I realise it is a lot less carbs than many dog food brands but I have concluded that starch is just no good for my dogs. I was feeding about 20% less than the minimum RDA (it was a tiny amount) and still struggling to secure a weight loss in the one who was 0.5kg overweight and in preventing the eldest one from putting it on. This has been going on since the beginning of this year and has been prevalent whichever commercial dog food I have used. With the Nutriment raw food she has made a fantastic weight loss and is very near to target. In fact fairly soon I will be able to up the quantity a little. It was desperation that made me change their food, coupled with the reviews on All About Dog Food. Needless to say, I will be sticking with this food, especially has it has so many varieties of meat and fish.