Hi, My name is Wendy and I have the dubious honour of being owned by 3 Cairn Terriors! ISLA (3 years) who is daughter of SKYE (7 years) who is daughter of RORY (11 years).

I have over the years fed many different foods. I fed Skinners kibble 20 or so years ago. I don’t know if they are still going or not as I haven’t seen them about for ages. I progressed onto Naturediet 19 years ago as this was the only food my 1st Cairn would eat. I have been feeding this ever since. Occasionally I have given James Wellbeloved. I tend to add a little biscuit/kibble of some sort to the Naturediet. These have in the past been brands such as Natural Choice Whole Bake and Laughing Dog.

I dabble a little with raw food too. The odd meal of Naturediet is replaced with Chicken Wings, Necks Chicken carcass, any offal that I can find on offer at the supermarket and fresh butchers bones as and when I can get my hands on them.

Currently the dogs are having either Naturediet or Forthglade Natural Lifestage and Platinum. Isla and Skye have more Dry and less meat, whilst Rory has the majority of meat with just a sprinkling of dry. He has a large Thyroid Tumour in his neck so finds the softer meat much easier to cope with.

That’s basically it, My short intro seems to have turned into a bit of a novel! Oops ;D

Hello and welcome to the forum wizoz. Like me, you have certainly tried a few different foods. That’s no bad thing because variety is good and it gives you a bit more experience and knowledge of the subject.

Hello and welcome Wizoz,

Funnily enough somebody was telling me that they used to feed Skinners kibble recently. Being fairly new to a life with dog, it is not one I have heard of before.