Naturediet Changes?

I know that Naturediet has/is going through some changes at the moment, but I am at the moment trying to work out whether one of mine is being sick due to the changes in the recipe/cooking methods or it is his illness causing the problem, or both.

I have been feeding Naturediet since 1996 without a problem with 5 Cairns and 1 Rough Collie. The Collie had an extremely dodgy digestion, and Naturediet was the only food that didn’t go through him like water! Now, at the same time as changes at Naturediet are happening, one of my Cairns (12 yrs old) , who has had a cast iron stomach, is being sick after he has eaten. He does have a health issue, he was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at the end of June this year :frowning: .

He has up till now been eating with no sickness whatsoever. I’m starting to wonder if fat content can affect the cancer? He was also sick after having a pigs ear. Yet a fresh bone (with quite a bit of fat) has not caused a problem? I know that he will not be with us for much longer (in June the vet gave him 3 months!), I don’t really want to mess about with his food too much now, but would changing him to Forthglade Lifestages help? I see that it has a lower fat content than Naturediet. There again if I have to prepare daily Home cooked meals that is no problem either.

Other than this he is thoroughly enjoying the time he has left. Daily walks, still loves going to training class weekly, and lets 1/2 the county know when a leaf falls off the tree!

Thanks for listening to my rambles!


As you know, I too have fed Naturediet in the past. Reading the label, I thought it was light in fat but then we had a chat on here about dry weights and I see that it is 28.6 on the dial. A few of us Cairn owners used the product and of those, a number had problems with weight control so had to come off it. I was puzzled at the time but now I am wondering if it could be due to the fat content.

It is difficult to say if it is this that is causing Rory’s nausea and vomiting but it is clearly not suiting him. In this situation I reckon you are doing exactly the right thing by avoiding commercial foods and giving home cooked meals, small and frequent amounts. You know exactly what is in it so that is a clear advantage. I’d be sticking with white fish, cooked chicken/turkey and probably a bit of well cooked brown rice. I know that David advises well cooked (in water) porridge oats so that might be another option. I do hope that Rory keeps well for a bit longer and reaches his birthday next week.

David - have you changed the scoring on this product? I seem to remember that at one time it was in the 3 star range.

I still have to old style naturediet left but I will be very reluctant to buy more after it has been used. She does very well on it but if you check their facebook page, in response to them saying there are no production problems, there were over 400 comments and most of them were from consumers who were unhappy since the cooking method changed. Many said their dogs had been sick but hard to say if it was due to the food.

I don’t much like the thought that it is now cooked after being packaged in plastic.